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    Transport Canada Assessing Social/Economic Impacts

    Some of you may recall that 'Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities' was on the 2019 Summit agenda.

    Transport Canada is now seeking to assess the economic and social impacts of measure put in place
    to protect the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW).

    This Transport Canada project introduction letter will provide some background:

    Transport Canada is seeking feedback from marine stakeholders on how these protection measures may have affected them, their businesses and their communities.

    The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
    is forwarding this letter and survey link to you in case you would like opportunity to share your thoughts by completing this online survey

    Your participation will help ensure that the magnitude of impacts of the protection measures are communicated to enable the consultants to make informed recommendations to Transport Canada. The survey is completely anonymous and takes about five minutes to complete. There may be opportunity to participate in more focused interviews, if you are interested in exploring economic and operational impacts further.
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    I did the quick survey. You all should too!
    Also added this in additional comments:

    I have a passion for the ocean, the outdoors, the whales, and salmon fishing.
    I fell in love with fishing the Pender Bluffs and when the closure was announced 2 summers ago I was devastated.
    What is most disappointing is that very few whales have entered the closure zone and there are still many disobeying the law and fishing there without consequence. I feel most of all for those who run independent charter businesses and the small coastal towns who’s well being depends on fishing. The BC economy has taken a hard hit and in my opinion nothing has yet, or ever will improve based on these area closures.
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    Also done.
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    Done . I don't know about others, but in the past 3 or so years, I think I've seen orcas at Swiftsure maybe once. Lots of humpback whales but very few orcas. In years past the prior 15-20, orca sightings were much more common in the area. The no-go zone on Swiftsure seems a bit excessive given the current reality.
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    I agree and don’t see any harm in a bubble zone. It makes too much sense I suppose!
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    I’m a firm believer the sanctuary idea was simply a combination of DFO and Transport Canada kowtowing to the ENGO’s and their desire to make their own lives easier. Easiest thing in the world to enforce,or in this case simply proclaim, is an outright ban. To actually get out there on the water and ensure people are following a less draconian rules, requires boots on the ground. DFO is adverse to having to actually do this and Transport Canada is pretty much non existent, other than administrately. Far too many managers and far to few field personnel.
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    Done as well.Thanks for posting this for us Ziggy!
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    Thank Spring Velocity, he originated it.
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    Well said Ziggy, just finished the survey and gave them an extended account of my thoughts on the Whale Sanctuary and "No Go Zone" at Pender Bluffs. Will be interesting to see if they respond to my request for an interview... Not holding my breath. Thanks to all that have responded to the survey.
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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention @ziggy and @SpringVelocity. Survey done with many comments.

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    survey done
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