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  1. wildmanyeah

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    This is essentially what I struggle with come election time. The conservatives are good for harvesters and are less likely to restrict the public fishery. In fact you can talk to many of them who are on the fisheries council for Parliament and they are VERY VERY favorable to us. The conservatives are also better for enforcement not for hiring more enforcement but actually backing up the charges in Ottawa and going to court.

    However you know that if the conservatives get voted in environmental protections will get cut. This is bad for wild salmon

    The liberals, they traditionally give more quota to first nations and also don't oppose them as much in court. They are also better for environmental protection as well as focusing more on wild salmon. As seen these past years they have brought back the wild salmon plan.

    The NDP is a throw away vote simple as that. They have Zero chance of doing anything this election cycle even with the liberal controversy.

    Bless Fin Donnelly heart but he was unable to get squat done while the conservatives held power.

    Honestly I'll probably vote Liberal again as they pay more for my children.
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  2. littlechucky

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    My personal opinion is we need to organize ourselves (individual anglers, businesses, etc) in a big way and find a way to an integral part of the solution (funding, habitat restoration, enhancement, science / research)...that way they can’t get rid of us.

    Part of this would require significant publicity efforts so joe public doesn’t get fooled by the greens and understands who is doing what.

    This will take time and money. Hopefully people value our fishery and the fish enough to make this happen.

    Lots of good ideas discussed here. Let’s hope can get moving.
  3. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    We have two main groups for this already SFI and BCWF.
  4. littlechucky

    littlechucky Active Member

    How many of the 300,000 license holders and business which benefit from the rec fishery are members?

    A very small fraction would be my guess.

    Need deeper pockets and more clout.
  5. OldBlackDog

    OldBlackDog Well-Known Member

    The fact is that this is all about politics and shows how bad we are at it.

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  6. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    That would be the Supreme Court of Canada that has given priority access to FNs, not any one govt. Yes, the different governments have different approaches but look what the adversarial litigation approach has yielded - a lot of wasted tax $$$ in court (as the government has lost the vast majority of times) as well as the courts going even further in defining how broad FN title and right extend, a la the Nu Chah Nulth decision. Not saying I’m a fan of JTs reconciliation approach either but, Supreme Court owns the issue, not the Libs or Cons.

    Cheers !

  7. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    The Crown owns the fish and the government manages it for them. The two are not the same.
    This goes all the way back to the Magna Carta. I'm surprised, you as an Albertan, don't know how this works as it was drilled into me when I lived there.
  8. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Folks should know that the lowest annual rate of Fisheries Act charges being pursued or successful in the last 30-years was during the Harper majority years after he tore up and re-wrote the FA. Food for thought before jumping to conclusions about which party is most likely to enforce our environmental laws ....


  9. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Exactly doesn’t say anywhere’s that it belongs to the people does it. It’s up to the crown to manage it for all people. Lodges, Comercial fisherman, corporate businesses they are the public and people you know. Under the rule of law no one group other than FN I believe has priority over other. Not saying it’s right just stating a fact. Never think that under the rule of law we as the general public have more rights than a business per say to those fish, that’s not the way it works.

    But prove me wrong GLG by all means this is the way I see it is all.

    I know in Alberta it’s in our provincial constitution that we have the Constitutional Right to hunt and fish but I also don’t see this in the Canadian constitution.
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  10. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Yes and no, they value appeasing the FN so much that bands have asked for closures based on no science and to appease them they have put in restrictions where there is no data to back it up. That has nothing to do with the Supreme Court.
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  11. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    I suggest caution with this line of logic as it could easily be extended into full salmon closures too as food for the whales. The herring fishery is one harvesting a renewable resource that generates B.C. jobs and foreign currancy which is good economics. I have had concerns over DFO management of seine fisheries in the past but remember they virtually wiped out the herring in the 50’s and they did come back when the seine fishery was stopped for around 10 years. I hope DFO will manage according to the health of the stocks not just politics.
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  12. StormTrooper

    StormTrooper Crew Member

    @walleyes and @GLG

    Here is a short easy way to understand the Fisheries Act to some degree, meant as an overview and FYI. It may help stimulate a more educated dialog in the future. There are many more in-depth studies that share information regarding the right to fish...this said, the second you register an annual angling license, you have contracted and agree to accept terms of privilege and are required to STAND UNDER the Act. You have given up your rights. :)

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  13. chevy guy

    chevy guy Member

    If BC ever joins up with Washington State, Orogon and Calf. I will instantly move to Alberta. Inslee is delusional and the Democrats are as bad or worse than what we have in Ottawa now. Lefty crap.
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  14. BCTony

    BCTony Active Member

    Well in my view there should be closer co-operation between sport fishers in BC, Washington State, Oregon and California and their representation. All are facing similar issues and threats.
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  15. seascene

    seascene Crew Member

    CG ... economic linkage via LRT means efficiencies in Van/Vic similar high tech economies with Oregon and Washington State. Lower mainland high tech industries employ more people than all other sectors combined. My pal works in high tech recruitment in Van .... can not find high tech help sufficient to meet even current openings. Estimated employment in the region by linked econony LRT and fibre optics pegged at 200,000 ... lots of jobs for Alberta kids as that province struggles forward to a diversified economy. Salmon and whales do not recognize borders. The combined gargantuan economic forces of the partners put to fisheries vs chump change allocated by Ottawa DFO is worth thinking about. We are not talking secession here just end of unnecessary duplicate jurisdictions. Every natural resource you can think of in BC is now prefaced by "the once abundant". We need to look at all options. The interaction between Canadians and Washington is decades old... just drop into Cosco across the border .. all canucks economically tied .... so why not economically benefit in a much bigger picture.
  16. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    As far as fishing goes, you need to add Alaska.
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  17. BCTony

    BCTony Active Member

    Agreed - I was just responding to the preceding comment. Closer co-operation between sport fishers in BC, Washington State, Oregon, California and Alaska and their representation
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  18. JC Northern

    JC Northern New Member

    Well I would like to point out a few points when it comes to Chinook salmon and salmon. Seals and sea lions is the first point, for all you long time 30 year fisherman you know the population has gone off the rails. Second point, general people population has also grown in an uncontrollable size which equals more people fishing and a giant part of that also includes more First Nations people that are young and eager to make money by selling salmon period. Third point, No more creeks habitat restoration programs, major cuts and governed provincially which has not done enough. Now move over to the salt federal side where in the last 15 years the amount of people buying a boat and deciding hey I’m a fishing guide and have booked charters everyday and taking the limits has also gone rogue and trippled and then tripled again. Let’s not leave out the tourist that use guide services and then go buy their own boats after they know where to go which is a no brainer with technology these days, which in turn brings more people fishing. Again population out of control. I get that they contribute to the tourism and spend money blah blah blah but the point is when it comes to how long do we honestly expect the salmon to last which also includes ground fish. Now the Federal government has drawn a line where it makes more profit on the commercial sector for the simple reason. Let’s face the cold hard truth here, there is not enough salmon to sustain the populations needs anymore, the feds don’t give two shits about the sports and the guides and the First Nations , keepers of the land, seriously lol, they need to face the facts, they have integrated into society and have more resources in all departments and they should be only allowing those who are on susitance living or reserves to food fish, but no you just have to have a status card and band permission in some cases, it’s completely unfair period. 60 to 70 percent of net fishing is sold black market , the other cold hearted truth is the fact that First Nations up north have always been about sockeye as the prime, now they are targeting Chinook with no restrictions, makes no sense with the numbers being completely diferent, meaning that Chinook are not even a fraction of a sockeye run and it’s open season for cerimonial purposes. Shame on you Justin Trudeau. No one is listening and the feds will fish commercially and as long as they recognize First Nations right to food fish, slaughter and sell, then they can continue until it’s gone, no different than what happen on the east coast. So with my rant , I would like to say I’m a Newbie to the site, and it’s great to vent lol and I really appreciate those who do care and are having a voice and doing what they can. It’s unfortunate that decisions were made already before sport fisherman are asked to participate with feed back or attend meetings, it’s smoke in mirrors to appease the sport fisherman. Time to vote out the Trudeau government and demand action from those coming in. Speak out about seal population and sea lions , have a voice in regards to First Nations and make them accountable instead of our government paying for them to self manage what ???, it’s gone on to long, look at the cowichan river in Duncan bc, fish don’t have a chance. It’s time to limit tourists from out of province to 5 to 7 days of fishing for salmon only or force them to use the guides if they want to fish more than their allotted days. Another one is halibut size limits, why are the sportfishermen the only ones having to abide by size and catch limits, again First Nations and commercial do not and First Nations can fill their boats, go north again to Prince Rupert where is good old halibut long lines of the sea and requests to fish rcas, this is acutually out of control and it seems everyone does not want to speak about these issues anywhere. If my post offended anyone I apologize but that is part of my long ass opinion and in my view a major contributing factor to the problem.
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  19. california

    california Well-Known Member

    Cowichan river chinook returns are at 50 year highs, the native band has been instrumental in the return of that run.
  20. IGotFishues

    IGotFishues New Member

    Your talking about the same people that use shoping carts and nets on rivers and streams. I’ve seen it personally, natives taking hundreds of fish a net on the Fraser during closure times when its not even open for white man sport fishing. Give your head a shake..

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