Ice Fishing Rainbows - Outfished by Online Fishing Buddy

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by FishDoc, Mar 1, 2017.

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    The internet is a prime location to meet all sort of people... especially those with the same passions and love for ice fishing as yourself. This day I met up with Jamie to try a lake I had never been to before, but had heard plenty about. Who better to go with than a new fishing buddy and lake expert, Jamie! Going fishing with friends always doubles the fun and probably at least doubles the amount of fish you'll be pulling out of the hole! So if you lack a fishing buddy I recommend checking out the fishing forums in your area, facebook, youtube and other sources. You will be sure to find some great fishing friends to enjoy some time on the ice with. Check out the fat rainbow trout we were catching on this lake. It was a lot of fun out there. No five pounders but we did get some decent fish.

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