I Sure Do Love The Pacific Northwest!!

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    So, my guess is, it’s true—-we might be several meters under water in 30 years....but it sure is nice enjoying all the bounty we have today while we still have it....

    On Monday, I went up into the mountains and got 8” of powder and skied my brains out>>>> even took time to stop and smell the icicles.....


    Then on Tuesday, the tides were perfect to get out of my lagoon, test out my new radar, drag a spoon around for some winter chinook, and get back to the dock on the next tide:


    Then wonder of wonders, I hooked a legal fish with no stinking sea lions around to scarff it off my hook and I got it into the net! I was using my new PNT flasher I won in the “best thread” category— a big thanks to the SFBC guys for making that happen....much appreciated...though I think there were lots and lots of other threads that were equally deserving of that same award...a testimony to the great readership and eager, constructive participation on this site...


    Then yesterday, wanting to get one last trip in on my favorite river before she closes, I got up at 3:00 AM, drove for a couple of hours and got on the river right at 0-dark thirty.....I hiked into my favorite canyon and surprise, surprise, I found a fish. The river was a trickle, I had zero expectations of finding anything in those conditions, but life is full of surprises, some of them really, really good!

    Gotta love this land of bounty we live in!

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    Photo of the steelhead and your dog is fantastic!


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    Thanks for that, Ukee....when I attached the pic of dog and fish i promised myself that if I got flamed for bad fish handling on this thread I'd never post another pic of a released fish again....ha ha

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