I finally did it... Bought a boat!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by ILHG, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I’ve been using Dolphin Insurance in Vancouver for the past few years. Never had any claims (knock on wood) but they are great people to deal with. The underwriter for my policy is Lyod. Reputable international underwriter in the marine business. Your insurance cost will depend on your coverage and limit but you are looking at $600-800/year for an average coverage. Add more coverage/ limits and it could really go up. If you are a Power Squadron member there’s always discounts to be had.

    Call 2-3 brokers and get some quotes. Research the reputation of the broker and underwriter before going with the lowest quote.
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  2. Hagar

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    I just insured my brand new 18 ft. Silver streak last month it was 800.00 dollars. I used Seafirst in Victoria.
  3. mmmroe

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    Nice boat haida! I run the same boat, But you have all the important stuff I don't have :-( offshore bracket and the 150 :-( still love my boat though, that's what you get when buying used incomparison to new. Well done and enjoy!
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  4. waverider117

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  5. waverider117

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    Nice boat, a real beauty, can you share with us what something like that would set us back.
    I remember in the summer you said you had a 30K budget, I know you can't get that for 30K.
  6. ILHG

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    I got it with the 150 for $53k. ($49.5k with the 115) Definitely more than my original budget...... However while researching boats I learnt a lot and wrote down a list of needs. As the list grew so did the budget.. When I first started I had a total different boat in mind from where I am at now.

    The one thing that pushed me towards the offshore bracket and getting a bit bigger boat was the fact I am going to have my family on the boat. Not saying it's an absolute must, but talking with other veterans on the water made me feel this was the way to go.

    When I was looking at used boats, I could not find much for Hewescraft boats with what I was looking for.
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  7. Stizzla

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    Well played I.L.H.G.
    That’s a lot of boat for the bucks and that hp upgrade was well worth the extra change. I figure if I give you enough compliments, you’ll take me out on it.
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  8. pescador

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    $600 per year give or take $100
  9. blindmonkey

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    I paid $665 for $35000 value with $2M liability through Premier insurance. Beacon wanted more. I am interested in what coverages people have for some of the quotes posted. Maybe I will be switching....
  10. Prairie Locked

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    That's easy... using a brand new boat for two weeks in Haida!

    @Waterwolf2230 it totally a pimp... Always wanting to help guys buy stuff :D. That dude is a class act!
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  11. Prairie Locked

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    A buddy of mine has a 180 Sportsman, loves it.
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  12. Cuba Libre

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    My tin boat with an estimated value of $40K is insured for $600 annually.
  13. Rain City

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    I'm insured with Dolphin and I pay $700 per year at a value of $40k. I also got broken into last winter during that string of thefts up False Creek and had EVERYTHING replaced with no questions asked. They even covered my time to clean the boat as it was tossed pretty good. I maxed out on personal gear and got all my safety equipment and tools covered under the hull portion. My friend/boat neighbour pays $500 per year with another company and didn't bother to make a claim once he read the fine print. Had all his tools, rods and his compressor stolen. Don't cheap out.
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  14. walleyes

    walleyes Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new toy,, looks like she'll fish just fine.
  15. Pumper

    Pumper New Member

    Nice boat
  16. donnie d

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    Ain't that the truth! The list of options are hard to turn down as well. Then the shock. Then the many roller coaster ups and downs that lead up to the decision.

    The best relief you'll have is when you punch the throttle, and you don't feel regret that you didn't go with the 150!!!!
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  17. allmodcons

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    Awesome boat! My insurance cost me $380.per year, based on $24,000 value.Havent checked around for any other quotes yet. The shock of having spent over budget for a boat sure fades with time...time is too precious to not just pull the trigger and get what you really want,and get out there.
  18. saanauk

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    Wow your guys insurance is crazy expensive- my boat is insured for $140,000 for $900 a year. $100 of that is an “agreed” value that makes it so I don’t have any depreciation on the boat value. Something happens to my boat I get the full amount of my coverage.
  19. kaelc

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    Great, boat, engine and seat package. I miss my sea runner and might have been able to hang on to it with the family if it had the sleeper seats like you have! 50ish is a steal for boat that size with new power. Nice that it has the suspension seats all ready installed as well, you will need them for Haida Gwaii and the Swiftsure runs that are a breeze and actually affordable in that boat. We've been out in some of the worst weather in a Searunner, when all the guide boats went in and only one or two 100k+ boats were left fishing, including the big storm that shut down power in Vancouver a couple summers ago, while we were trolling and rolling happily in Port Renfrew.

    On electronics I'm a big fan of Lowrance/Simrad with the Yamaha command link giving you all your engine data on you screen, mpg, temperature and lots more. I'd buy a 7 or an 8 inch HDS now and then add a second screen, radar next Christmas/Boxing day when the deals start happening and your bank account has recovered a little bit.
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  20. blindmonkey

    blindmonkey Active Member

    Who are you insured with? Thanks

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