hull refinish, repaint or?????

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  1. ratherbefishing

    ratherbefishing Active Member

    Sold my boat :( but managed a smaller 16ft CC with a new Yamaha F50 EFI as partial trade. The hull on the boat is sound but it is showing its age (1986). I'd love to either refinish or paint just so it looks better (it is 100% an appearance thing). It has dings and chips and is only moderately oxidized (which I know how to resolve). Any suggestions on making the hull look better...sand and re-gel, thin layer of glass? Not looking at spending a fortune as the hull is not worth that much.
  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    I guess it depends on how much labour you want to throw at it ?
    refinishing the gelcoat requires a lot of elbow grease...
    I think if it was me i'd fill the dings , sand them out and paint it.
    It would be much less time consuming and give you more time to go fishing !
  3. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    I would fill the imperfections then first try a power polish with Auto-Glym's fine cut. A litre jug is about $40 and cheap if it does the job. I use it on my boat and she looks new every spring. I finish the job with Star Brite's Marine polish/wax with teflon.
  4. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    I've painted two boats and gelcoated two. It's a lot of wortk to do either right. I'd have to lean towards paint. And when you paint, take everything off, the first few times out all of the things that got masked off will move a little and look like hell.

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  5. TenMile

    TenMile Well-Known Member

    I'm right in the middle of refinishing my in-laws 16ft Hurston. If you go to the Interlux website, they have a great video on the steps required to properly re-paint a hull with their product called Perfection. Basically rolls on with a roller, and you follow up "tipping" with a brush held at 45 degrees. I am going to use both Primer and Paint because the hull is in such rough shape. Along with some Epoxy to fill old screw holes and major scrapes, materials ran about $250.

    The more you can sand, the better off the finished product will look. Like LC says, remove all deck hardware including rub-rails. In my case, I am going to replace the old rubrails, lights and tie downs as all of them are rotten on this old hull.

  6. Fish-Hunter

    Fish-Hunter Active Member

    Re-painted waterline to rub rails last year on 1976 K&C Thermoglass 21', used Interlux - Perfection two part epoxy? I belive it was, and it is an amazing paint!! Thw lower half of the boat litterally looks brand new. Sprayed it on, and it still work great even for a non pro painter. Going to do the top half perhaps next fall, need to get more blood into the boat b-4 making it too pretty. Great paint and tough too.

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