How would you improve the local SFAC's and the SFAB ?

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  1. Cuba Libre

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    Anglers here and elsewhere have expressed dissatisfaction on how the SFAB Advisory process works. There is a review underway now . Apparently a few in DFO have heard the dissatisfaction that some anglers have put forward. So the SFAB , SFI, etc has started a process to see what will make the SFAB more relevant. What are the things that YOU as a participant in the public fishery, want to see to improve your voice through the SFAB ?
  2. ziggy

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    I’d like to see all meeting agendas and minutes published on the Internet by DFO.
    I’d like to see more use of internet surveys on important issues.
    More movement or perhaps more satellite meetings if necessary to engage more people. Failing that (and regardless) use the Internet more!
    Complete lists of representatives and a DFO contact email address for them. Not personal!

    Having said this I don’t believe any of these problems should be passed off on the volunteers to solve. DFO has a mandate to seek input and to ensure transparency in its decision making, clearly its failed and it needs to fix its own shortcomings. Time to embrace modern means of communication. Given the number of rec anglers and how spread out they are (throughout Canada) local meetings are probably no longer the best means of communicating anymore.
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  3. onefish

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    Be careful what you wish for re internet participation as your internet surveys could easily get hijacked by the non fishing fraternity.
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  4. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Ask for fishing license number, or simply send the survey out to those who have registered through online licensing.
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  5. wildmanyeah

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    I originally thought that having all the information available on the internet available as well as having a process for people to be able to vote on issues online as well would be a good thing.

    However, the more i participate, the more it seems my thoughts are changing. If you can't afford yourself a few hours twice a year to show up to a meeting how much of a say do you really deserve for a industry you can't devote that kind of time to.

    online there also seems to be a big close everything down crowd. In meetings in person this crowd does not seem to exist.

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