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Discussion in '2014 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Reeltime, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    Fished and anchored in search of coho on the Harrison river hit one nice size coho on a light spinning rod ,broke off just as we were ready to net it ,anyone on here fish the Harrison ... nice day out there .


    harrison #2 .jpg
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  2. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    Great pic! wish I coulda been out there today instead of at the office!
  3. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    Thanx ! .. pretty awsome scenery out there , hopefully some fish next time in the pic . :cool:

    Cheers !
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  4. Salmon Seeker

    Salmon Seeker Crew Member

    Fished the mouth of the Harrison all day yesterday. picked up a wild Coho and a Chum with a pink/purple marabou jig fished 3ft under a float. Later in the day picked up a hatchery coho trolling a half ounce hammered brass firestripe croc. the boat anchored just downriver from me was catching chum almost every cast.
  5. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    Hey Salmon Seeker , The last outing i was also at the mouth of the Harrison i used a black/purple marabou jig for the first time and hit a coho ,i heard so much about jigs ,i do pretty good with colorado spoons . Never tried trolling crocs and spoons seen a guy last time also hit a nice coho trolling ,With this dry spell water should clear up and come down ,should be getting a good push of coho ,some pretty bright fish .
  6. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    I fished the Harrison this past Saturday while down visiting the in-laws. Water clarity was surprisingly good given how high the river was and the fishing was half-decent. No love on the typically good hammered brass/firestripe croc but got a few on Bluefox spinners - #4 silver and blue and silver and chartreuse, nothing on brass and orange. Bonked a small hatch coho doe for dinner and released some wild up to about 10lbs. Best part was no wind and the sun was out much of the time!

  7. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Have done plenty of trolling for coho with a Mepps with the green bug on the blade or even different sized iron koho's
    Let em hit the dirt everyonce in awhile, vary the speed, love it quick, they are still coho.
    Good times.
  8. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    Gonna head up next weekend and give some of those lures a troll , would be pretty sweet to hit coho trolling on the Harrison ... :D
  9. Salmon Seeker

    Salmon Seeker Crew Member

    I went out to the mouth of the harrison on Saturday. twitching a purple jig i had a beautiful coho strike on my last twitch, about 2 feet behind my motor, gave a few good tugs then spit the hook. had another one grab a blue/silver blue fox 5 while casting accross a shallow bank, about 2-3 feet deep. again he was on for a couple pulls then spit the hook. my dad had one on for a few mins before losing it, he was fishing a pink jig under a float in the shallow water. No fish to the boat this time.
  10. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    Gonna head up some time in November coho must be moving through now anyone hit the Harrison , gonna try out a croc found this vid pretty cool light tackle fishing .

  11. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Croc spoons work well same with coho spoons but don't overlook kitimat spoons.
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