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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by SerengetiGuide, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    I see I type slow. Derby got it answered while I was typing.
  2. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    hahahah... its my spelling & grammar you have to watch out for :) :)
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  3. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Awesome seem like it’s only fair especially if they already do it for Commercial Fishers.
  4. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    At the SFI policy gala in november dfo seemed very reluctant to give us any underage carry over and I honestly can’t see it happening any time soon. Their quarrel was they can’t be sure the numbers for rec sector are accurate.
  5. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Gee you’d think some of the office staff could work on a solution for their departments shortcomings lol
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  6. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    Am I ahead of myself on this one Serengeti, Derby??? I had it in my head that it was basically done???
  7. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    I would say that the dept. seems resisted to allowing the carry over. The SFAB is working hard to change this that being said it is very import that one & all accurately fill out the IREC surveys , return all clip fish heads, comply with the creel surveys and that Guides do there log books..
  8. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Yeah. No carry over when we are under.

    all the more reason we have to be optimizing what we are given. Couple cm!! Let’s go!
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  9. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    always a one track mind
  10. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Always an optimize instead of leave a ton of pounds in the water. Yes. You’re right
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  11. fishinforever

    fishinforever Active Member

    Sooo what needs to happen for us to get a couple more CMs and March 1 opening? Honest question. It seems like we should at least ask?
  12. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    I think you can probably count on a March 1 opening. The couple more CM is somewhat more complicated IMO.

    SG will disagree tho lol
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  13. ReelDreams

    ReelDreams Member

    We really should be asking for more, ultimately if you don’t ask for more or seem engaged you get less.

    SG is right with our limited tonnage we should be using it. We have what 18%. We left multiple years tonnage in the water, great for reproduction but the allocation would not be there if those that manage it felt it wasn’t maintainable. Increase, use it and shut down early is better in my opinion. Just my 2 cents
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  14. Confused

    Confused Member

    I imagine we will know by tomorrow. And put this thread out of its misery.

    I'm just glad it probably won't go down. A sad endightment of where we at as far as expectations. Taking one less gut punch as a positive.
  15. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Mark my words. 70,000lbs + left in water if it’s the same
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