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  1. fish brain

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    I find Fresh halibut moist and sweet, but after it has been in the freezer, it never tastes as good. I cant seem to cook it without it drying out. My rule of thumb for fish is to remove it from the heat when it is medium rare. It cooks through on the plate leaving the fish moist and flavourful, but when I do this with Halibut it doesnt work.
    What am I doing wrong?
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  2. tubber

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    They call it Norwegian Turkey for a reason. The texture is much denser than other white fish, especially if you freeze it.
    Eat fresh
    Catch smaller ones
    Expect a different texture when frozen first. It doesn't have a lot of flavour, so it may be the dry texture you don't like.
    Slice frozen ones thinner/smaller and cook it really quickly still taking it off the heat before it's cooked through.
    Try some new sauces
  3. Dogbreath

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    I rarely cook large chunks of Hali too much of a PITA to get it perfect.

    So I cut the meat off the skin and chop it into two-bite sized pieces which are then quickly cooked in Curry or something similar-sometime broiled as shown but you pretty much have to sit right by the oven & keep checking every 30 seconds or so.


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    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    I use an instant read thermometer and take the halibut off at 123 to 125 degrees. To me or should I say my wife it is ruined in seconds over that temp.
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  5. StirItUp

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    Wrap it in bacon!
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  6. Gear'n'beer!

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    I made panko halibut burgers tonight and I used the temp method in the oven and at 124.8 ( which was just when it happened to come out) the Hali was bang on perfect.....thanks for the tip!

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  7. fish brain

    fish brain Crew Member

    everything is better with bacon!
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  8. Prawn Star

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    I pre cook good quality bacon till it's still soft but cooked. I cut hali into cubes, season with whatever turns your crank, wrap with bacon secured with a tooth pick and grill. A female friend says it a mouthgasm so it must be good.
  9. Islander57

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    Sometimes I dredge the halibut in sour cream, and then seasoned panko bread crumbs and cook in the oven. The sour cream keeps it moist. You can also use greek yogurt.
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  10. Gong Show

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  11. CIVANO

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