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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Roberth, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Gear'n'beer!

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    Can you imagine the shitstorm from that? Just gift the guides their own quota?? You guys wouldn't be able to go out in public much less look at yourselves in the mirror!
  2. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    There are three things at play here

    1)International allocation, where we are represented by our Federal Government and frankly conservation is, or at least should be the prime concern

    2) National allocation,after the conservation target has been met,between us and the other user groups. Mandated by the Federal Government,and should be based on maximum benefit and fairness to all.

    3) SFAB which determines how best to use the allocation given them by DFO in order to best serve fishermen.

    I believe our focus at this point should be on 2. No one is asking to increase the National catch and with the current commercial/ recreational breakdown, no one is going to be totally happy with the SFAB.
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  3. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    No shit eh? It was a resounding NO from all of us. And that was in the face of being gifted something that would be worth a tidy sum at retirement.
  4. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    I think what would help is more public education on how the TAC is divided and how it was gifted to the select few and how some don’t even fish it. Hell most weekend warriors don’t even know. I believe if more people were educated on this there might be a bigger voting block on your side. To all that work on this issue, thank you it is a thankless job.
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  5. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    Thxs for turning it down.
    Unfortunately shows you the thinking of our politicians and their mindset when crap like that happens and has happened in the past. They're all in for taking a public resource and privatizing it. Basically what they have now accomplished with the new regulations and the experimental halibut quota, slipper skippers, etc, imo. What a sad state of affairs. Admittedly better than some areas, but quickly working to privatize what should be a public resource owned by all. Salmon will be next. Our children will suffer unfortunately and not have the same access to a public resource that we once shared. Hope the people making these decisions keep that in mind before they give it all away to the one with the largest pocketbook.
  6. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    No arguments here just an observation:

    Throw em a bone every once in a while and there might be a little more support but to keep asking for more while getting only reductions back will be a slow death by attrition.
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  7. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    I believe these new regs are going to kill more halibut through downgrading then they are going to conserve which is what the regs should be trying to accomplish. just my opinion.
    would be interesting to see the size and amounts of hali reductions in the regs over the years in a graph, by year, so we can have an idea when we won't have anything left that is public, or are left with being happy hand-lining for flounder.
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  8. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    I agree #2 needs to be the most pressing issue, we need 25+%, fact. But IF we leave 100,000+lbs of halibut in the water AGAIN, then #3 needs to be looked at revising as well, because that is mismanagement at another level. I'm not sure how anyone can disagree with this (other than hearing the their volunteers line, which is true but still need accountability). At the end of the season if large sums are left in the water there needs to be accountability and outrage should occur from many of you...

    Leaving fish in the water in large amounts gives DFO reason to say, see you don't need anymore, didn't even use what you had, as well as over restricting results in spikes in experimental tac which I'm sure many businesses will be looking at closer this season.
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  9. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    There is no question that this is correct. Until this happens this just gets worse not better.

    So, as a sector in order to come together as suggested we need a group/groups to steer the ship. We very much need an organized,knowledgeable group acting as a catalyst to provid a platform to bring us together, direct, and deliver this unified effort. In absence of that we will be little more than a bunch of well meaning individuals bouncing off of each other.

    So I would ask, who is going to be that catalyst? What does it look like? How can average folks help.
    Many of us have made idol efforts to spark a continued push going back to the day after we got the 3%. For what ever reason to date no one has taken that step again. DEBATING THE RIGHT OR WRONG OF THAT CHOICE IS OF NO HELP NOW! I am also not suggesting some stuff has not been going on in the background. That said, if involvement beyond blind financial support is needed,then I would suggest many of our sector are waiting for the word.

    Last Chance, your statement

    “it could become a commercial only species so fast your head would spin”

    is probably the most concerning of all on the thread . It is one that I made to some of the members the year we first saw the slot. It is also one that for me,reiterates the importance of avoiding solutions that see us purchasing quota. I do not claim to know the perfect solution. These are just my thoughts,
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  10. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    What we need to fight for is not a percentage of the Canadian TAC but priority access, somewhat similar to Chinook. We need to calculate what we as Rec Sector realistically need to have a reasonable and full halibut season. Say we all could agree that 1/2 with no max size between Feb 1 and Dec 31 would be our ideal season. This may calculate to 1.6M pounds annually with conservative model assumptions for effort/weather etc. This would come off the Canadian TAC right after FN food allocations; the rest goes to the commercials. We would stay with this number no matter what the Canadian TAC does (obviously as long as the total is > 1.6M. In years of low abundance this may translate to maybe 30% and in hopefully to come again years of higher abundance maybe to 10%. But we would have a certain and reasonable rec halibut fishery.

    That's what needs to be on the agenda for tough talks with DFO and the minister. In order to achieve this, the rec sector needs to get organized via one advocacy group that takes on this fight. Substantial funds will need to be raised for this effort and people need to step up and help out (fundraising, communication, organizing ralleys, media campaigns etc. We have a few groups that could take this on but they need to get together and combine their forces. You all get in touch with the group that is most active in your area and offer your help, passion and time! That's the ONLY way out of this mess. And it's totally up to YOU if this happens. Talk to your fishing buddies and start educating them first and get them on board. Too many have no clue and like to sit back and let others do the work and then bitch. Tell them its now or never, we have 12 months. Do nothing or very little as until now and you can kiss your halibut fishery good bye.
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  11. wheelerg

    wheelerg New Member

    I used to enjoy reading this forum but it has turned into a greedy bitchfest. The rules apply to everybody. I have been going fishing to the Isl. from Kelowna for 20 yrs. I have 2-4 weeks a year to fish. I do not care how much fish I take home. Usually 1/4 - 1/2 of my limit. Some years even less. That is more than enough. My take on all of this is most people have lost interest in just enjoying the fishing, they need to take home as much meat as they can to justify the cost of fishing. I know most people will deny that but it is true. I will still fish the west coast even if it gets to the point of catch and release for everything. I hope that never happens. So stop complaining and enjoy! My personal opinion on conservation is a 100% ban on commercial fishing in the ocean world wide. I know that is not realistic but the planet will take care of all problems eventually.
  12. hali hunter

    hali hunter Member

    Im just going to put this out there. Since we have a smaller quota i dont think there should be any halibut derbies. I understand that the money raised goes to a good cause but we are inviting hundreds of people to fish halibut on a weekend where there normally is little pressure. All these fish go towards our quota. Maybe we should stop having a hali derby and possibly could extend our season a bit longer. Not trying to ruffle feathers but a prize of 7500 is motivation for alot of people to fish on that weekend.
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  13. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    With the insane regs sfab did this year we will have no trouble having a full season.

    All I really ask is that if we leave 100,000+lbs in the water again this year those on the board apologize to rec anglers for making a mistake. And take responsibility because every year it happens no apologies just “at least you had full season” BS ... could of had full season with better regs for your consitutuents.
  14. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Serengeti guide you sound like a very knowledgeable guy and you have some skin in the game but I don’t see you stepping up to do anything about it. Don’t mean to sound like a jerk but sounds like the guys that did step up to the plate weren’t given much to work with. Am I happy with the way things sound hell no. But I wasn’t there and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t do the job anyway.
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  15. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    I am totally game to step up, last two SFAC meetings in Nanaimo (where i am in off season) I was not in town, next one coming up March 15 I'm at a tradeshow in Salt Lake (every single march meeting is same time and I'm down south in salt lake). Went to Trudeau last week. I am game to get involved, especially after the mismanagement (in my opinion) of recent on goings. Hell, I've even possibly considered starting up a lobby group as **** knows we need it. I've told a couple SFAC chairs should a lobby individual for Ottawa occur for rec sector myself and my family are willing to part with significant $$ to help towards that..as like you said have skin in the game. One can only communicate with local SFAC and after that it is a old boy's group...deny all you want but that's what it is.

    Am I outspoken? Absolutely, due to passion for the issue because I truly believe DFO and our reps are not properly representing the interests of sport fishermen. Maybe I'm a little blunt but I rather have that than those that just say you can't ask for accountability and lay over and take what is given to them. Whether you believe me or not, I am thankful to those that volunteer for us. That's A LOT of hours they put in especially in the winter/spring for us. That doesn't mean that if a sub par job is done we should not hold them accountable within reason. In two season, 2013/2014 we left close to 400,000 lbs of fish in the water, that deserves accountability.

    Then this year we have these new regs which I STRONGLY believe will leave over an significant amount of pounds in the water...think of how many more fish will be released and possibly killed as well.

    The difference, I feel, between those on the board and I is if I'm wrong I'll say so, and take accountability. 400,000 lbs (almost 1/2 our season this year) and no, "we were wrong we will improve" just "at least you had a full season, look at washington state".

    I'm so confident this year we have made such a huge mistake, I'm challenging any of those on the halibut SFAB board to meet me on a pledge. Should we NOT leave over 90,000lbs in the water this season, I will donate $1,000 to SFI and even do a written apology for my lack of foresight here. Are any of the halibut SFAB board confident enough in their choice of limits to say if we are over 90,000 lbs left in the water they will do the same?
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  16. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    I am looking forward to your new advocacy group starting up. Let us all know when you get it going. It sounds like there are many from Comox upward to Hardy with similar comments like yours that can help. Bring in real reform with SFAB, SFI and BCWF. Good luck hope you actually do it.
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  17. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    I am heartsick over this whole mess as you probably are already aware and I was complaining to my wife over how unfair the whole process was. How 435 people were gifted 85%of the resource and most of rhem do not even fish the quota but in fact lease it to other fisherman. I made the remark that if the common people knew we wouldn't come across as just a whinny bunch of disgruntled fisher-people. Her idea!!! Go on social media!! That is one thing the PM and politicians fear and watch! So guys take the time to write well reasoned blogs and post it on your facebook page and if you can't write well then share any that come your way thanks-lets hold some feet to the fire!!
  18. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    I am not a very good writer but if someone wrote a well thought out message and posted it here I would be more then happy to post it on every social media site I can.
  19. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    I don't really agree that 300,000 people questioning why they get 15% of the quota while less than 500 individuals, half of which actually fish and the rest simply sell their annual quota,demand 85%, qualifies as greed. I agree that it's not about catching ones quota, but to me Greed in this issue better describes those who got an 85% handout of quota and feel entitled to keep it as some kind of perpetual stipend from the government.
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  20. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Maybe get Serengeti to spear it up with his new group he is forming.

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