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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Roberth, Feb 3, 2018.

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    Proving my point :D:D:rolleyes:
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    That's telling it like it is from a sportsman's point of view.
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    Keep it on track please. Personal back and forth's aren't going to help the situation.
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    that is telling like it is from someone who has close access, possibly a boat, and maybe the skills to catch one.
    we are all sportsmen. just like the Canadians we take out to access their right to those fish.

    please lets try and stay away from finding ways to divide.
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    On reflection, I think that the monies that are going to be raised through this funding program that is being discussed, might be better spent. Helping to finance the fisheries lobbyists in Ottawa doesn't seem to be working, as we are certainly not making any progress. At the rate we are going, this method of protest could and probably will go on for several decades? It seems morally wrong and is it even legal that our Halibut fishery and the DFO for that matter, should be controlled by just a handful of private companies? Another option to consider, would be to initiate a massive legal action against the DFO in the form of a massive class action law suit with the objective of getting the Courts to reverse the decision by the DFO to give 436 individuals free halibut quotas and 85% of the TAC in perpetuity? I think that this might be the fastest and most effective way of protesting the way the DFO is managing our fisheries? Even if this legal action is not successful, even the threat of a massive class action law suit by the Recreational fisheries sector against the DFO, would certainly get the attention of everybody in a hurry and draw National media focus to this issue. Over the years I have found that the DFO does not like negative publicity nor do they tell the truth. The truth will set us free.
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    A good source for those who wanna advocate for change; here is the original plan/findings that started this mess:

    As a reference this document is from the year 2002. To the best of my recollection, the sports sector was at a 2/3 limit with no maximum size, no annual limit & an 11 month season.


    My observations about this document:

    (1) The original Commercial sector proposal for determining sports allocation should have destroyed any credibility the Commercial sector had - biggest example of "figures lie & liars figure" I have seen.

    (2) The study predicts that based on rapid growth of the sports sector Halibut catch, they will run out of quota (based on the above catch/season limits in the year 2008.

    (3) The study sites lack of accurate monitoring/reporting of catch data for the sports sector as the primary reason for not giving them more quota

    (4) It seems wrong to me that on one hand lack of sports sector catch data can be used to justify less sports sector quota, yet on the other hand there seems to be enough sports sector catch data in implement catch limits, size limits & emergency season closures.

    It seems to me somebody in govt. is up to no good.
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    I think oldtimer has a great idea. If we can fund raise enough to take it to the Supreme Court we have a shot at changing things. Ericl brings up grounds to be able to change the way things currently are based non credible and lacking data. I'm sure based on the current DFO voodoo math that in reality the sport sector doesn't even come close to catching the current quota because of the over under slots.

    It appears to me that the corporations along with DFO's support is squeezing out the hai rec anglers. Wonder which DFO heads enjoy using the corporations holiday homes in AZ and abroad. With everyone's heads together and some funding I do believe we have the ability to undermine the information that was used to come up with the current system. Now we would be back at the bargaining table to set everything up properly.
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    We have been hoodwinked, lied to and fed a line of BS by the DFO on this and many other important issues for decades. It is about time that we stood up and be counted. Over the years many of the DFO policy decisions have not been based on any meaningful scientific data and that is a proven fact. A big part of their dishonest MO has always been, cooking the books, twisting data and the presentation of false data in order to suit their agenda. It is about time they were called out and held accountable? I have often said that the DFO should be the subject of a Royal Commission and if that were to ever happen, it would be fascinating to see what came out of the woodwork? This game has always been rigged and the fix has always been in, but, in the end, the truth shall set us free.
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  9. uclueletcharters

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    Be interesting if anyone knows how many tidal saltwater licenses are fished a year. What length of licenses, 1 day, 3 day and annual and if they are visiting via tourism etc. I think when getting a fishing license might be good to know where the primary locations each license will mainly be fished as well. That way there will be some data as to which licenses are likely to catch halibut and which ones aren't based on the primary area fished. We know any 1 or 3 day licenses can't catch 6 halibut, tourism based licenses will most likely only record a max of 2 halibut because they can't travel with anymore. Each month rec traffic on the ocean differs big time, in Ukee the amount of rec anglers targeting halibut is next nothing the boat traffic doesn't really pick up until May but still most boats aren't in the water until the middle of June. I'm sure this is the case for many areas on the west coast where halibut is a target. Victoria/Sooke area is the exception as their waters are typically tamer and more accessible in the early Spring months. Renfrew north has a different calendar traffic wise, the east side of the island for the most part is not a halibut fishery. Many rec anglers that fish the west coast do not catch very many halibut on average annually.

    I think the quota system is out of whack as far as harvest numbers, the main issue is this is a Canadian resource that's been bought out. This should have never been allowed to happen, it appears the Rec board worked and continues to work hard but they are given a shitty deal or a shittier deal to choose from. The government needs to fix the mess, the commercial guys have their numbers based on the international program. To fix this it appears there needs to be a commercial quota and license by back program to open up the resource more to the public as it is supposed to be all of our resource.

    The whole toss back fish over 115cm to keep our annual poundage down is a little stinky when the commies will come behind and sweep up the oversized ones released. " save the egg layers" what a BS pitch lol.
  10. oldtimer

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    These new proposed halibut regulations were self imposed by the SFI. We could have had the same regulations as we had in 2017? If anyone has a beef with the proposed new regulations please contact the SFI and ask them to reverse their decision as this type of a no mind, stupid decision is what is killing our industry.
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    No not correct...... the new set of regs were voted on at the Main board SFAB.... SFI has only 1 vote of the 21 plus people that voted on it... so please have your facts correct before posting stuff like that ..
  12. oldtimer

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    Sorry I misunderstood the SFI newsletter. I didn't realize that 21 plus people voted on this issue. Why would you vote for these new self imposed regulations when you could have voted to maintain the 2017 regs?
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    Why not get a membership and go to a meeting and you will find out all that info instead of criticizing on here ?
  14. oldtimer

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  15. fogged in

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    I have not yet seen the 2018 Halibut regs from DFO?
    Overall TAC is lower and our share is still only 15%
    My understanding we are still with a size limit, one a day, two day possession and 6 per season the opening March 1.
  16. profisher

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    DFO has not released the opening dates yet but will soon .... the SFAB main board recommended and approved a March 1st opening. The month of March will be under last years regs with a 133cm size limit. April 1st the size limit is reduced to 115cm.
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    Go to your local SFAC meeting talk to the chair.. . they will be able to explain how it all works....if u need to find out where your close area meeting is PM me and i'll be happy to send u the info...
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    Just cut the leader close as possible to it’s mouth
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    ya missed the point me thinks. o_O
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    150% agree, and advisory processes are only as good as the support of, and talent of people participating. You can say a lot of good and bad things about the SFAB process. What I haven't yet seen is a viable alternative.
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