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    Swiggy for one they didnt pay a thing for there halibut lease they were given them to them!!!!!!there is about 415 leases (approx) out there and out of that only about 200 boats accually fish them the rest of them they lease to the others and then collect a fee so bacically getting free money as they let others do the dirty work for them .
    How is that fair the other thing that is wrong is the were short on last years quota so they get to carry that over for this year an unknown fact!!!!!!!

    But we cant if you got 10 springs last year and you limit is 20 do you think you could "carry it over" for this year and catch 30 springs before you answer it is a NO.

    This fishery is a complete mess so far it has been closed to joe publc now 4 months and counting and more months to continue I suspect when they do finally open there is no way that sportsfishing is going to meet the TAC in a very short season (June to sept) if they close it again in the fall.this is not about conservation!!!!!


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    yes 10 years ago there was an allocation to the commercial fleet of 88%. There was also a allocation of 12% to the rec sector(at the time they were using 9%). What you never seem to acknowlege is how much of this quota has been bought and sold. Most active commercial fisherman today have had to buy what they own. The cost today is approx. $36/lb. I find it ironic that the commercial sports industry loves to spout off about how much they contribute to the economy and how much more valuable there fish is. well if that's the case then buy what you need.
  3. Here's an idea.. The Sport Commercials claim they bring in the Big bucks to the province, they bitch about the commercial take, so why not licence the Charter guys. It is about time they started contributing to the resource, rather than take take take and bitch when a Native goes foodfishing. The only one that actually has a right to be out there are Natives. How can anyone demand something when it is only a priviledge that they are even fishing to begin with? Some fishing on this prviledge seem to treat the resouce like it owes them something and that is friggin humourous. It is about time we reeled in these cowboys who think they can continue to abuse the resouce without paying large for a licence to do so. This has to still be one of the only industries in BC that you don't actually even have to be licenced for. Sure you need insurance (to cover your own ass) and you should have your boat inspected. But that is about it. Take the forest industry for an example in order to harvest logs you need to pay stumpage fees. Why should guides not contribute to the "reforestation" of the fish they harvest? The true commercials pay large for there opportunity to be out there, so why does the industry owe anything to guides? Sure they do add to the economy, however there are a lot of major guiding outfits that could easily accommodate the crowds so there would be no loss of overall revenue. And I'm sure that it would be these bigger lodges that would gladly pay into enhancment for the opportunity for their guides to go out and harvest the resouce. If they did this, the guide portion of the TAC would likly come out of the commercial TAC leaving the true sporties with 12 months of opportunity, and the lodges a 4-6 month season.

    I'm nuts eh?.. so you just admitted that there was no conservation concearn for Frazer Fish, because there was a commercial opening. If any Fish are targeted by either sporties or especially commercials then they are definatly open for Natives to fish. DFO asked us not to fish so we didn't. But the bands on the Fazer are their own entity and feel strongly about the fact that if there is a commercial opening on the fish then they are definatly going to fish and are entirly justified in doing so. Simply by the fact that they are 2nd only to conservation. By opening the fishery for commercials it is automaticly opened for the Natives. The only way for DFO to procede against the Native fishery is if the Commercial guys and the sporties are closed for the season due to conservation concerns.

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  4. chris73

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    Bullcrap; you know if someone is stupid enough to pay a lot of money for something that wasn't worth anything to begin with and that is not even garanteed to stay as is then I don't feel sorry for a second for this person. Sound similar to the mortgage crisis down south were investor brokers sold stuff that was worth nothing and the purchasers didn't even check but just paid a lot of money. It's too bad that the commercials among each other turned a freebee into a high prices commodity. Should not be an obstacle to readjust the allocation.
  5. fish4all

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    If that's the case then we shouldn't feel bad for the charter boats and lodges that are going bankrupt due to a decline in fish stocks. Like you said they should have done their homework. Why do you think it is right to take from the commercials because the lodge and charter outfits grew too big too fast.

    FA there was no fishery on sockeye this year. the 2 openings were for chum and all other species released. I doubt you can say that about the gillnet fishery in the river. I have no problem or bitch when it comes to native food fisheries, but when it ends up unaccounted for and in the back of semi trailers or being sold out of totes in the parking lot we have a problem.
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    I am all in favor of liscencing charter/guides etc so when they do shut us down (btw that would be you sporties as well) we could be given a buy out just like every other commercial fishery when I was aked by DFO thats exaclly what I said and then there was some serious back pedeling wellluuuuuuhhhh oooooohhhh uuummmmm yes never thought of that was his response!!!!!!!!!

    We already have rules in place WE have to follow registration, proper PFD,flares etc the list goes on and on and on and on,when is the last time you have seen a charter vessel in need of help????unless it was an engine blowing up!!!!most of the boats we run are in tip top shape with every safty equipment on it I cant say that for half the boats on the water out there I cant tell you how many boats I see stranded out there running out of gas etc, I even had a guy in the fog last year off of otter as me if this was beachy head????WTF I asked him do you have a compass???NO. do you have a vhf????NO!!!!!so i told him how to get home and to hug the shoreline as he was at otter and you are 10 miles away.

    Maybe we need to have EVERY boat adherd to what we need. and put every thing on an even playing field.

    FA your missing the whole point again and dont play the race card as I HAVE never done that towards you and never will.
    WE are all in this together like it or not its the way it is we should be concentrating our efforts towards DFO and not each other thats where it has steammed from!!!!


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    Ha ha ha ha. classic wolf. If you ever run for public office please let me know. You have my vote no questions asked. I wish I had thought of that. Anyway nothing like squandering away a public resource.
  8. fisher69

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    Although I do enjoy the banter on hear Wolf I have to say you nailed it. If DFO would move away from crisis management, and look a little farther ahead then tomorrow most of this could have been avoided.

    Proper management in all sectors is key..
  9. Obviously mis-management by DFO is paramount. How do we hold them accountable?

    Take only what you need.
  10. Sushihunter

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    Hell, I'd be happy if DFO could see as far as yesterday. [:eek:)]

    We truly need to get DFO offices located to the West (and East) coasts where they can see the direct results of their "management".

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  11. OldBlackDog

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    That would be good as long as the Province has nothing to do with it.
    They care less for fish than the Fed's, just think Steelhead.
  12. fish4all

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    Pretty sure the Province is in full support of fish farms as well.

    Some form of closed containment or on the beach...
  13. chris73

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    Unfortunately you are absolutely correct on that. This spring election is a chance to make them accountable for this shameful conflict of interest.

    Closed containment or the boot kick out of the country!
  14. capncrunch

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    Ah yes kids, I remember the day when I could take the boat out in the spring and catch some fresh Halibut to feed the family without having to pay an unafordable $50 for a small meal. Ahhh the good ol days !!!
    Now eat up your dogfish.
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    Guys-- if you really wnat to help out on the halibut issue, go over to the conservation page and read Iron Noggins last post . There is a perfect template for you to use to pressure the Minister to reverse her stance.

    Yes-- I know that THIS should be on that board too-- but I have been told by a couple of guys that they dont bother sorting through all the pages now on this site.

    Suggestion to mods--- move this up in the lis where more will read it--- its apparent that virtually no one here is interested in flyfishing and just a few more following the freshwater thread.


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    not sure what your driving but $50 just gets me to the boat launch these days..:D
  17. scott craven

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    I find it interesting that 9 years ago we were complaining about the same things we are today.
    restrictions keep growing and the season gets shorter.

  18. wildmanyeah

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  19. Cuba Libre

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    not quite--- we had 12%, but only used 9%, And later we got 15%
  20. IronNoggin

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    Had me wondering about back then, so took a minute to see just what the reference was.
    Wasn't overly surprised.
    Minister, then and now, refusing to communicate based on self serving and somewhat fragile legal grounds.
    Template then did not work beyond getting us a "shut the eff up" offering of 3%.
    IMO it is going to get even more uphill from here.
    Still willing to fight the good fight...
    Just not so much on forums ELEVEN YEARS LATER with identical concerns... :(


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