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    Here is an email from Chris Bos, our South Island rep for SFAB:

    Hello All,

    As promised at our last meeting, I would keep you all appraised of any developments relating to Halibut angling for 2009. I have recently shared an email letter thread, where DFO has responded that recreational halibut will not open as usual on February 1st 2009. It will in fact remain closed "until further notice" (I consider this poor wording by DFO as it broadcasts a negative message, "delayed" would have been less shocking). However, there is some more news to report ...

    In 2008 our recreational 12% allocation portion was 1,080,000 lbs of halibut; as you remember we landed approximately 1,500,000 lbs before we were shut down at the end of October. At the end of last week, the International Pacific Halibut Commission confirmed the 2009 Canadian (Comm and Recr) Total Allowable Catch (TAC) will be 7, 630,000 lbs of which the recreational catch at 12% will amount to 918,350 lbs. Note the Cdn TAC is down from 9 million lbs in 2008. While it is helpful to have a solid number to work with, I am still concerned as to what measures will be forthcoming from DFO fisheries management around our 2009 season and how those measures will affect us. We are effectively short by 600,000 lbs for our normal 2009 needs as a sector (based on a similar catch from 2008) and have as yet, to my knowledge, not resolved the 325,000 unaccounted over catch from 2008.

    The importance around our local halibut fishing, the uncertainty about the allocation issue in general and growing concerns I have about 2009 Chinook management measures needs us, as a committee, to meet and discuss the issues in person. The Main Board SFAB meet at the end of this month and I will have news from that meeting to share. Therefore, I am calling a meeting of the Victoria SFAB Committee very soon to discuss the emerging issues on Halibut and Salmon fishing for 2009. Tentatively, I have chosen Tuesday February 3rd at 7:00 PM as the date and time for this proposed meeting, so please add this to your calendars.

    Kindest regards,

    I think it's important that EVERYONE who fishes show up for this meeting in February. It's our only voice.

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    Again, wait and see. There is a lot more still to come on this issue, including the Canadian proposal to increase the TAC to 8.1 million pounds...which passed 31 votes to 21 (6 abstained) at IPHC. However, given the close vote, it is probable the whole matter will require more dialogue to resolve as we are effectively at a draw given the vote when you include all those who abstained.

    Moreover, there was a meeting this past week with the new Minister to lay out the whole issue of allocation between commercial and sport fish interests. Our strong case for properly dealing with the allocation issue, including the legal precedent, was discussed. While I wasn't at the meeting(s) with the Minister what I was told was she has a new appreciation for the complex nature of this issue and the legitimate concerns of sports fishers.

    Regardless, given the conservation issues everyone (commercial and sport)will be required to compromise our interests to do our part for conservation, and frankly I see nothing wrong with that.
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    Yes wait and see but at least be realistic while we wait and seee how far its going to be crammed up there!!!!![:0][:0][:0]but i appreciae the optimisim you have but, with alaska and all the reports of the reductions how can you be???
    I figure the season will start june 1 as to keep the lodges and most of the guides happy as our fishery around the vic area doesnt have enough clout to fight it.
    Just my thought lookes at the tides and april tides are short anyways maybe 10 days at the most to fish, hows that for being positive!!!!!its now turn laughable!!!LOL LOL


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    where will the feb 3rd meeting be held?
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    What: Victoria Sport Fishing Advisory Board Committee Special Meeting

    When: Tuesday, February 3rd 2009 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

    Sandman Hotel, 2852 Douglas Street, Victoria BC V8T 4M5
    Orchid Meeting Room Sandman Hotel is located between Douglas and Gorge Road
    East just north of Hillside Ave. - food and drink service will be available in our meeting room


    Draft Agenda:

    SFAB Main Board Meeting Report
    Discuss and provide DFO advice on proposed fisheries management for:
    a) 2009 Halibut Angling in Areas 19 and 20
    b) 2009 Chinook Salmon in Areas 18, 19 and 20

    Meeting Purpose:

    Following the difficulties created by last-minute changes to fishing opportunities for our area in 2008, I have called this special Victoria SFAB Committee meeting to allow local constituents to interact with DFO about 2009 fishing proposals for halibut, Early Timed Fraser, Early Summer and Summer chinook salmon in areas 18, 19 and 20. There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding our tidal fishing opportunities for this coming year, hence I personally feel it vital for Tom Cole and I to keep you all informed of any developments or changes as early as we possibly can.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Following the completion of the Victoria SFAB Commitee meeting, all eligible attendees are encouraged to remain for an open discussion session. This is NOT SFAB business but a forum for our local tidal waters angling community to focus on how we can best protect our salmon, halibut and shellfish fishing opportunities in the Southern Strait of Georgia, off Victoria and the Juan de Fuca Strait this year and in the future. We will also engage in a letter writing campaign.

    Please be sure to attend in person and/or send deligates from your organization. Also be sure to tell other local tidal water's anglers about this important meeting.

    I look forward to seeing you there,

    Kindest regards,


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    Wow,sounds like a powderkeg!Gonna have to check this one out!
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    Sure I wish I could attend the February 03 09 SFAB meeting, but work rules,swinging on to afternoon shift then! Give DFO hell boys. Cheers FC
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    For every south island fisherman (vic and sooke) this is your time to to show up in mass NOW is the time the more people the better as these numbers will go back to DFO!!!! So if 500 people show up they will have to take notice that we are not pleased with what is going on. This is going to be very important to our future and what happens here and for later.

    One thing you have to realise this is not a place for a BITCH FEST it is for informational and for anybody to bring forth what you want to see changed regarding limits and reductions, or anything you personally think that needs to be changed.

    So really think about this and write it down and come prepared with a signed document to be handed to Chris which he will in turn give to DFO, heck if you even want to start a petion with a list of names that you can give to him even better!!!!!!!!

    WE need every sportfisherman to attend this, be it someone who goes 5 times a year to someone who goes out everyday!!!!!

    I really hope to see a very good turnout this time and hope to meet a few more of you if you see me please come up and introduce yourself to Justin(tailspin) and myself and any of the other guides.

    Fish assassin I really hope you attend this as well would be great to finally meet you. for more debate as it has been fun.
    Fah cups think you should call in sick as there is no better time now as once we loose this its gone.

    No excuses we have to do this now or dont be upset later when its gone.......

    Thanks Roy

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    See you all there!

  13. tailout

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    Roy is right!the more show up the better.

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    I have to agree with Wolf. Everyone with a fishing license should show up. I am out of town on that date but I will ask my son or my wife to attend instead. I was at the last meeting and found it very informative. Wolf is dead on when he says we need numbers. Its time to raise our profile. Good Luck, I hope its lined up into the parking lot...:)
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    I will be there again.
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  17. So, what are the issues here? Reduction of limits and fishing time due to conservation concerns?

    Sure they did, they shut down the sporties to make up for it.[xx(]

    Wolf, I don't know that my views are appropriate for this meeting, as I would be all for limit reductions and extended closed periods in the sport sector. The reason being that regardless of what the Natives do on the Frazer River, We (the intercepting Bands of the South Coast) haven't gotten even a pink Salmon in the last two years for FSC fish. They asked us to obstain from fishing the threatend Frazer runs and so we have. We havn't sent out a Seine boat in over 2 years now. So I feel that if us Natives have to take a reduction, so should most of the sporties. On the other hand why should both groups pay so the Commercial industry can continue to profit? Until this gets fixed we should alternate years or something, Commercial on odd years, sporties and Natives on even years? But I know that DFO and the commercial sector would figure that because the sporties and Natives arn't fishing that they would increase their total allowable catch and totally defeat the purpose. Unfortunitly I don't see an easy fix, everyone has to reduce their personal impact on the resource for the stocks to rebuild. This may however be in vein if some drift net intercepts the stocks out in the high seas. Man it's hard out there for a fish!

    Take only what you need.
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    your nuts... the commercial fleet has been all but wiped out. I believe the sein fleet got 2 10hr openings this year while the lower fraser bands fish solid for weeks with no accountability.

    I do agree with your statement that all should be impacted equally. Commercial, commercial sports, sports and native should all be monitored to the same standards so we have a hope of rebuilding the stocks.
  19. Little Hawk

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    Way to rally the 'Troops' Wolf.

    You are dead-on about sport quota's slipping away if no one stands up to defend it... DEMAND IT!

    Pound for pound the sporties return what, about 10-times the direct economic benefit directly to our Provincial economy than do the commercial boys. I'm not slamming any commercial fishermen, they have to make a living as well, but the DFO needs to wake up to the reality of allocation as it relates to the greatest benefit to the people as a whole. Giving 80% of the action to 5 or 10% of the fishermen is just plain stupid.

    Look forward to meeting some more of you guys at the meeting.

  20. Swiggy

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    I am not trying to stir the pot here or seem disrespectful to anyone elses opinion but I have to disagree with you Terry.

    The commercial fleet has paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars for their boats and equipment. On top of that they had to purchase licenses at many thousands of dollars and quota again at many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    If the majority of recreational fishers had to shell out that kind of cash to catch halibut I would agree that the split in allocation should be more even. However that is not the case.

    With that said I believe that it is imparitive that the voice of the recreational fisher be heard and that you are part of the decisions made on all fisheries they partake in. Many of you on here have a great passion for the sport and the resource. Stand up and be heard.

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