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Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fortyfour, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Delray

    Delray Member

    No false reef is closer to Thetis island. We were off south end of tent, east side of north reef. 95 ft in 130 ft of water. Yellowtail spoon. ;-)
  2. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    ok thank you, im heading out camping at tent island this coming weekend so ill give er a shot
  3. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    We put in a shift off pender bluffs on Saturday but only 1 released undersized for our efforts. Prawning was good however. Fish should be showing up in larger numbers soon. Keep reports coming!
  4. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Anyone prawn around Moresby? I've seen commercial boats in the area in the past.
  5. Wet dream

    Wet dream Member

    Going to head to tent island or pender bluffs tomorrow morning for a few hours. Anybody been having any luck out there these past few days ???
  6. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    please report back on how tent was
  7. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Member

    Porlier from 7 till 11:30 this morning. Released one hatchery coho. Hardly any bait around. Some pretty serious scum in the water fouling up the lines today too. Hope everyone else did better. The weather was amazing though!
  8. Delray

    Delray Member

    Tent island today from 10 till 2. A few other boats fishing, marked a lot of bait, but caught no fish. Positive side is I just mounted skimmer transducer in hull and it work great. Nice day on the water.
  9. Wet dream

    Wet dream Member

    Fished tent a couple days ago saw lots of boats fishing there didn't look like anyone had any action at all. Went and fished Samsun narrows between bold bluffs and burial islet and saw a lot more action. Got one into the boat around 12lbs and release 3. 2 were undersized other one was about 8lbs but I only keep what I can eat. Saw another boat in Samsun and he had 4 as well keeping only one.
  10. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Like this report!Nice job,Wet dream.Gonna have to give it a go here soon.Thanks for the post.
  11. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Successful first day of fishing this morning - went to Salamanca Point off of the south end of Galliano Island for a couple of hours. Double header on 2 small springs 8/10 lbs just off the cable sign to the west of the point.

    145' with a 15 lb ball on one down rigger 130 ' with 12 Lb on the second in 220' of water, just after the change from ebb to flood.

    Using a small green and white Coho Killer behind a green flasher and a Purple/Green/White hootchie [sorry can't remember the name] behind a Purple Haze flasher.

    Saw one other boat into a fish a little later into the flood right off the point.

    Lots of birds around and water was pretty clear. Looking for the white Springs to show up - and old fisherman from Gabriola swears that when the purple rhododendrons bloom a run of white springs show up. He was right last year!
  12. Reel Tight

    Reel Tight Member

    Keep the reports coming doing a trip to montague in a couple weeks.
  13. Delray

    Delray Member

    Fished porlier this morning. 9am til noon. Picked up one on Irish cream spoon behind green flasher at 140'. Released 4 undersized. Saw a few more net a out and beautiful no the water. Excellent. image.jpg
  14. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    Pursuit we were the other boat that was of the cable cut on Saturday morning. The fish you saw us pick up was 9lbs. We saw you land the double header. We picked up a 15lbs & 18lbs after you left. we got the first fish on a green & silver coho killer and the two bigger fish on anchovies in a green & glow teaser head. All 3 fish had herring in the stomachs. If I knew how to post pictures I would post them.
  15. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Nice work Jimmy, those are some nice fish! Were they whites by any chance? Purple rhodo's are blooming now :)

    Went back out today, same area and fished a couple of hours around slack without any luck, gonna have to get back to fishing anchovies ~ sounds like we should have been down by Porlier:) but it was a gorgeous day not to catch fish.
  16. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Anyone willing to share some general info on fishing porlier.. Do you want to be in one location vs another during tides? Common depths fished etc.

    Thanks in advance. Not looking for secrets just starter info for someone that's never fished that area.
  17. Delray

    Delray Member

    Hambone. My general info for fishing porlier,(I don't have any secrets as I haven't been fishing long enough)is. Through porlier(towards the straight of Georgia) right turn. Lines in as soon as I'm out of the nasty current. Usually start at 120 ft on rigger and go from there, troll down galiano to blue roof.turn around. Repeat.have had best luck on low slack. image.jpg
  18. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    yup, agree with above. pretty simple tack unless you get caught up in the current. anywhere from 100-200 feet of water will work. vary depths until you find em!
  19. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info... :)
  20. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Hambone, ya mooching or trolling it ......... You may never have seen so many seals as Porlier and Active passes.

    Lots of experience in both locations if ya need a hand pm me

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