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Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fortyfour, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Rum Buddies

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    A little late but was out at the bluffs on Saturday. A couple of sox, a wild coho and lost a spring to a broken hook. Saw a handful of sox caught and a spring netter. Lots of bait.
  2. Hi guys - I'm a newb to the site and novice fisherman. The moniker is pretty much wishful thinking, however I did a couple seasons as a deckhand on a commie boat years ago. I've trolled the site from time to time and thought I'd start to participate, especially to say thanks for the updates and fishing tips. I was out at the bluffs on Monday and a few guys around me were pulling in some fish, looked like sox. Or maybe the hoots and hollers meant springs. IDK. All I could muster was a small coho. My rig isn't exactly a fishing boat (Ciera 2455); I troll with the main, and currently only run 1 downrigger. Fishing is mostly something to keep me occupied while the wife enjoys the cruise and sun.

    We had some fun at the bluffs last year loading up on pinks - just using slip weights. Used the same technique in Rivers Inlet last week and did well on coho. Maybe I should just stick to that......
    I'm adding another rigger this weekend and am going to give the bluffs another try. Any tips for springs there? I don't think I can troll slow enough to entice any of the sockeye. Watching everyone else pull their nets out beside me can sure get a fellow frustrated LoL I'll add my 2 cents whenever I can. Good Luck to all & thanks again. SS
  3. seadna

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    Slammin' - you can probably slow your troll down considerably with a drift sock off of both sides of the bow (the cheaper version is 1 or 2 five gallon buckets). That may get you down to sockeye speeds.
  4. robertg

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    Slammin, I have the same boat as you, get the extra down rigger on, extra dummy flashers, you should be getting some sox, I had no problem in Johnstone Straight last week
  5. Thanks guys - I just tied up some more gear & I'm going to try all of that. I'll post results. Cheers! SS
  6. fshnfnatic

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    Just a question.Is Pender Bluffs also known as Oak Bluffs? Thanks to anyone who can answer this.
  7. High Time

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    Correct Sir
  8. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Thanks High Time.Lived on the south island my whole life,and have fished on the inside from Ladysmith to Saanich Inlet and all points in between,but have never fished or even been to Pender Island.I'll have to check it out sometime soon.Seems to be some
    fish around there at times according to some of the reports.
  9. Fishninja

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    Went to vancouver for sockeye for 4th time from saltspring
    And have to say it as become allot easier to limit out in last 2 trips as first two
    Only caught 2 in first 2 trips 3 weeks ago! However, finally decided to drop lines on way back near active pass as we left 1 fish out with sockeye as had feeling might get lucky with one of those white springs!
    29lb white, good battle, There around! image.jpg
  10. TheBigGuy

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    I've been on Salt Spring Isl for a week. Thought I'd do some bottom fishing for ling for a change as that's not much of an option around Vancouver. I much prefer the white meat to Salmon for eating so I thought I'd see how the bottom fishing was. Must say I was pleasantly surprised how good the bottom fishing was for this late in the season. Picked up some really nice lings with very little rockfish bycatch by using 8 inch Hali hoochies off a spreader bar. I haven't caught so many 10-15 pound lings in the islands in quite a while. I think the stocks are finally starting to rebound a bit. I hate all the RCA's, around the islands but maybe they are actually starting to help rebuild stocks. Or maybe people have just given up fishing here because of the lack of opportunities. Either way I was happy to see the fishing has improved.
  11. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Nice to hear about the Lings BigGuy!

    Was out to Salamanca today for the change from flood to ebb - fished in close and out along the ridge that comes up from about 600' to just under 200' about half a mile off shore. Caught almost a dozen shakers - from about 10 - 15" at 60 to 120'. They really seemed to like the green coho killer - all but one on it. However nothing else around but a gorgeous day to be on the water.
  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Hey Pursuit,

    May want to mention that in this thread.
  13. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Thanks for that Pippen ~ will do!
  14. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Yesterday was the last day of fishing in the Gulf Islands for me for the year. Spent a gorgeous afternoon off of Salamanca and did a long distance release on a what was likely a Coho given the action on the surface. White hootchie, green flasher 80' of water just off the cable sign. Thanks to all who contribute here and see you next spring. Tight lines!


    Was out last sunday. Thought i would try cushion cove out in front of beddis beach. Just put the first line down didnt even get the second rod in when the first rod went off we got a nice 8 lb spring.

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