Growing fish for a growing World: The Future of Salmon Aquaculture

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    "As wild fisheries decline, or remain stagnant, the global population continues to grow, with greater than nine billion people expected to be living on this planet in 2050, raising serious concerns about global food security (United Nations 2017)."

    Homo sapiens entrusted with nuclear weapons and the environment and assumed to be around in 2050?
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    It is little wonder that fish specifies are in rapid decline. With aquaculture advocates promoting fish farms to feed a hungry world we are travelling the same road as those who promote factory type farming to raise of land animals.
    We do this at the expense of wildlife who are ignored as we clear trees, drain land, relentlessly expand into virgin territory . When do we learn from past mistakes ?
    The oceans are vast, yet we treat them as garbage dumps, and suck up everything that lives as fast as possible. A very simple, but politically incorrect solution would be to implement animal rights laws, treating animals no worse then we treat ourselves.
    This would force us to treat animals as we treat oursleves rather than just another commodity

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