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Hi all,

Something I enjoy all year round, but particularly during the hibernating days of winter, is a good read. And fishing stories are right up there. So I thought I'd put it out there - what good fishing or outdoor related books have you read that you'd recommend?

For instance, growing up I read a number of good books by Roderick Haig-Brown. Starbuck Valley Winter and The Whale People are two of my favourites, and I'm holding on to my copies to read with my kids soon.

I recently read "Stalking Salmon and Wrestling Drunks", by Peter Gordon, with entertaining stories from his days as a fishing charter guide off of Sooke many years back. Man you gotta think that each charter guide must have a load of stories to tell!

I also picked up and have just started reading "Casting Back - 60 years of Fishing and Writing" by Peter McMullan.

Of course there are a ton of "how to" fish books too. I've read a couple of those - Charlie White's "Quick Tips for Catching Halibut" comes to mind.

So let's have it....what good stories from the Island, across BC, and beyond, fiction or non-fiction, do you suggest to your fellow fishermen?


4000 hooks, Clover Pass (old and hard to find) and Hand Troller by Mike McConnell. All Alaska stories by certainly relevant.
Tide Rips & Back Eddies by Bill Proctor & Yvonne Maximchuk.

Adventures in Solitude by Grant Lawrence.

Becoming Wild by Nikki Van Schyndel.

And my two absolute favorites:

Spilsbury's Coast: Pioneer years in the Wet West by Jim Spilsbury

And of course:

The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet
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Maximum Salmon is a good read for new to saltwater fishermen


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The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. You should be able to find it free online as PDF or Ebook (as its so old it should be out of copyright). Old, but a timeless classic. A must read, if you've never read it.


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Anything by RL Haig-Brown, John Gierach, and Nick Lyons. Two of my favorites are "The Habit of Rivers" by Ted Leeson and "The River Why" by David James Duncan (highly recommended).


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I love "casting back 60 years of fishing and righting, and the "coastal fishes" refrence book and "fishing the river of time" by tony taylor.