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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by the11fisherman, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. the11fisherman

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    Another day of terribly cold weather has made me revert to ice fishing videos, rather than actually going out. Found this video of large fish being caught:

    Now it is time for everyone to break out their fishing stories about the big ones that they actually landed........

    Try to keep the stories as close to fact as possible........none of this stuff about fish that grow 3 inches every time that you tell the story.

    I can't wait to hear all the great fishing stories.[​IMG]
  2. Birdsnest

    Birdsnest Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid I was ice fishing in shallow water and I would watch my bait to see when a fish would grab it for the pike would slowly nose up to it, give it a sniff and then inhale it. This one time I guess I set the hook and pointed the fish up to the hole where it bolted and shot out of the hole and hit me right between the eyes. My head was three feet above the hole. It was quite a shock since the fish was about 8 lbs and has nasty teeth. I was ok tho and there wasn't much of a fight despite me taking a hit between the eyes.
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  3. the11fisherman

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    That would be quite the experience. Are there more fish stories floating around out there????
  4. Clint r

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    Does part of a giant fish count? Fishing one winter day with a buddy of mine. Was cold and slow with nothing to show for a long day of washing tackle. We had just called it a day and were trolling into the wharf when my buddies rod popped off the down rigger. He leapt up and grabbed his rod and could feel a sizeable weight at the end of his line. He played that fish for about 10 mins and was making good headway when his line went limp. Fish gone. Well most of it any way. He retrieved his plug only to find an eyeball the size of a looney stuck on the hook. Biggest fish eye I've seen caught. Haha
  5. Fish Camp

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  6. trophywife

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    six gills have kicked my ass a few times.
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    Being a sturgeon fisher and enjoy taking newbies out for many, many years......

    I have seen dozens upon dozens of peoples butts being kicked by these fish!!

    6' is a fun size, still can kick your butt, but.....7', 8'+ gets into serious work! My personal best is 10'4" and that was close to 2 hours of sweat!

    An amazing fishery, something that you need to experience at least once!
  9. FishDoc

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    Here's a video of my biggest pike. I was pretty excited as you can see.

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