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  1. New to fishing this year and had a great week in Sidney, catching fish every time we went out. With the massive currents, I found fishing the slack tides to be the most effective and running my gear near bottom. Baitfish, birds and seals every time we were out reassuring me there was fish around. I had been jigging exclusively with success and just tried trolling this past week and had success with that too!! Caught a 15 off Sidney island last night with it jumping fully out of the water several times and the sun glistening off its back I must say it was the most fun I have had catching a fish to date. Not to mention my wife was on the net which added to the excitement.

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    Mind sharing the general spot you were in? I'd be happy to trade some of my Sidney honey holes if you like.
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  3. Off the west side of Sidney island, usually in 80-90 feet of water and trolling near bottom. Good old Betsy girl and a coho killer with a 5-6 foot leader length keep in mind I have seen others catch fish in both deeper and shallower depths. Jigging I was using a 5 oz salmon slayer and a 3.5 oz point wilson dart. The salmon slayer was dynamite, I caught at least 7 fish on that thing and lost at least as many at the boat :(. I lost my lucky one to a seal that I thought was the grandaddy of salmon when he hit , he pissed me off and I played him for 20 minutes stopping every boat within bino range. We are heading out Thursday morning on the 5-8 am shift to fish the tide change and possibly Friday morning as well. Always looking for another fishing chum name is Barrett 250-888-3323.
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    Im new to vancouver island but not new to fishing. Been getting some east side south of hamley. Tide change. All the ones ive kept have tiny baits in their stomach. 1.5-3cm. Been using tiny spoons, been working well. Match the hatch.
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    Well done. Looks like your catching on pretty fast if this is your first year fishing, won't take long you'll be a top rod.
  6. Went out this am for a few hours... Caught 4 salmon; 2 undersize and 2 in the 8-10lb range that we lost at the boat :( and countless dogfish. Try our luck again tomorrow!!
  7. Out first thing this morning with #Doc Media for the bite and we were not disappointed! Multiple hits and 2 nice 10lb hatchery fish in the If you didn't know I Headtommor
  8. Out first this morning for the early bite with #Doc Media and we were not disappointed!! Multiple hits and two nice 10lb fish in the boat. Out tomorrow am to test the waters...

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    Hey Thirsty, would you mind posting in the regular Sidney reports? :) That way all us Sidneyites are consolidated in our report thread.

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