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  1. Chuck

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    The float type sender in my boat is 2/3rds the way the toward the stern and an inch off the bottom of the tank. The tank is quite large and fuel sender very inaccurate. Sitting in the boat fuel gauge says empty but can still run a good hour at 28 knots, refuel and still have nearly 100 litres in the tank.
    Is it possible to put some kind of fluid level system in a fuel tank that would be more accurate?
  2. salmonlander

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    That's exactly why I will be installing a fuel flow meter hooked up to my sounder. They tell you how much fuel you have used. Just need to know how much capacity the tank holds then do the math.
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    What do these sensors/flow meters cost?
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  6. Chuck

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    Was thinkin that I should be able to get exact fuel in litres from E-Tecs. Gauge shows litres used but not able to utilize the function. Will need to do more research on that..
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    Also looking at replacing my swing arm fuel tank sender.

    Anyone have experience with WEMA or ISSPRO vertical float senders?
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    We had some problems with them when it got around to the 30-40 below stuff, they would sometimes stick and stay there till it warmed up. Don't think you will have a problem at normal temperatures.
    A lot of guys don't know how to set up the arm type properly. Pivot at mid tank so 10" tank rheostat pivot at 5", float just above bottom at empty and float just below top of tank for full so arm has to be the right length as well.
    If you have a 6' long tank and the sender is a foot from the back of the tank you could burn 3/4 of a tank before it comes off full, at rest level and running level will come into play. Thinking about an eight foot tank, perhaps two senders and two gauges are an acceptable alternative?
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  9. triplenickel

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    There's lots of standalone meters for not much money available out there.
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    Yeah I noticed some inexpensive flow meters on eBay for cheap, anywhere from $20 to about $100.
    While at that price it would be cheap enough to try and many are rated down to 0 LPM they all seem to have 1/2" and if you reduce down to your fuel line size I'm not sure how the fluid turbulence into the turbine will affect accuracy. Might work fine! Haven't checked into certification level.


    Flow scan a little more!

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