French Creek Salmon Derby Aug 22-24, 2014...

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    French Creek Salmon Derby Aug 22-24, 2014...
    Hey everyone, just a little reminder that we'll be having another local salmon derby this weekend. Derby headquarters will be at the French Creek Marine Pub. Tickets are $10.00/Rod, tickets available at French Creek Harbour Store-(250) 248-8912, or French Creek Marine Pub-(250) 248-3713 (ext 21). There will be a daily largest salmon prize, daily hidden weight prizes, an overall largest salmon prize, as well as a great prize table that all entrants are eligible for. All proceeds go to the Marion Baker Salmon Hatchery (Coho enhancement) on French Creek. The fishing should be fairly good, with some Chinook salmon moving in on the Big and Little Qualicum Rivers. I will up-date this thread with the catch reports, and leaders. Hope you can make it!

    Western Star
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    2014 French Creek Salmon Derby Information

    Hey Everyone, just so you are aware, you can weigh your fish in after 9pm on Friday and Saturday night if you call Russ at the pub 250-248-7934.

    Western Star

    French Creek Salmon Derby-2014 small.jpg
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    2014 French Creek Salmon Derby Boundaries Map

    Hey everyone, here is a map of the French Creek Salmon Derby Boundaries.

    Western Star

    derby boundary map.jpg
  4. southern star

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    I'll be at the pub weighing in everyone's catch from 4-9 on Friday. I hear over 200 tickets have been sold. if you haven't got yours yet, go to the pub, or the store. I'll be on the water the rest of the weekend trying my own luck. Hope to see you in the winners circle on Sunday!

  5. southern star

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    Leader board for Friday night

    Al Stacey 25'12"
    Ritchie Goll 24'10"
    Mike Kazenbroot 22'11"
    Ashley Hughes 22'4"
    Steve Millen 21'12"
    Alester Bryce 21'9"
    Philip Saltzmen 21'2"
    Tim Healy 20'2"
    Kyle Ackles 19'13"
    Kyle Parsons 18'14"

    Orcas, red sunrises and great fishing. What more do you want? Ya. A 35. Me too! See you out there tomorrow!!

  6. lordofthesprings

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    thx for the updates guys will be heading out !!
  7. southern star

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    Leader board for Saturday night

    John Gailus 26'15"
    Chris Masson 26'14"
    Al Stacey 25'12"
    Philip Salsman 25'9"
    Kevin Terris 24'15"
    Ritchie Goll 24'10"
    Shane Cronin 24'10"
    John Bates 23'06"
    Rory Mathias 23'01"
    Uwe Contracting 22'06"

    Congrats to the leaders for day two. Still room for a tyee. Tell me all about it at the BBQ tomorrow! Great band at the pub tonight. Another great derby. Woohoo!

  8. Birdman

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    any word on the winner and what the hot locations were?
  9. Degree of Freedom

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    Is it the same weekend every year? Definitely want to take part next year...gotta keep the weekend free.
  10. Gives a good idea of the odds of catching a tyee in this area. 1 in 240.
  11. Western Star

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    The French Creek Salmon Derby is typically held the weekend before the Labour Day long weekend. It would be great to see some new faces/boats attend this event in the future. Lots of fun for all ages, hope to see you next year!

    Western Star
  12. GDW

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    Sounds like a fun event I really like that you allow fish to be weighed in until 9pm. All of the derbies I attend cut off weigh ins at 6. You'd think first light until 6pm is enough time... but no, it isn't!
  13. southern star

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    OMG! Incorrect leader board finals!

    Apologies to the winners! What was WS thinking? You want it done right ask a woman. Here are the correct final numbers for the 2014 FCSD.

    John Bates 31'11"
    Wayne Jones 27' 3"
    John Gailus 26' 15"
    Chris Masson 26'14"
    Al Stacey 25' 12"
    Philip Salsman 25' 9"
    Kevin Terris 24' 15"
    Ritchie Goll 24' 10"
    Shane Cronin 24' 10"
    Bill Edwards 24' 0"

  14. Redfisher

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    Hey this derby has more draw prizes that catch prizes. I think it is a great derby and would not change anything about it.

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