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Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by TheBigGuy, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Everyones had a while to test the site out now. Just thought it would be a good idea to create a thread where everyone could post in one place if they have any issues remaining that they think need to be addressed by the Admins.

    I personally think the testing went very well and revealed very few flaws with the software. The only major issue was picture uploading and that was addressed by the Admins.

    The only other area I thought was an issue was what was displayed on the "new posts" tab. It doesn't display therads you have recently posted in. This is a little confusing as this is not the behaviour in past software. It is also different than the way posts are listed in the right hand new posts column. Nothing major from my perspective, just a little bit odd from a consistency standpoint.

    Overall I'd say the testing went extremely well. If you are still having any issues please post them.

    To the guys running the site, job well done. I think you've done a great job at addressing everyone's issues with the forums software.
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  2. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Just wondering Brian or Chris, if you have made the decision to implement this software update yet. If so, when we're you thinking about making the change over. I have been keeping one eye open on the main site for any announcements, but haven't noticed any info being released about the change. Just curious what your plans are.

    Regards: TheBigGuy
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  3. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    I posted my thoughts and findings in the comments forum.
  4. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Yes, a few of us did Kildonan. That was earlier in the testing phase, and some changes have been made since then. I just figured it might be a good time to post any outstanding issues that guys feel haven't been resolved. Just to let the admins know if there were still problem areas, or if you feel it's ready to roll out.

    For me, I say it's good to go.
  5. Carl Z

    Carl Z Member

    Yeah looks good to me too -much smoother than the other place that runs this version for whatever reason.
  6. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it's not because there's only a dozen or so of us kicking the tires here. I guess you never really know how the softwares going to perform until it gets real world pressure from mega users on a daily basis. I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope this version is stable.
  7. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Hi Guys. Thanks for all your feedback to date. As you may have noticed Sculpin and Peahead have just registered and will have a bit of time to surf around and offer their reviews as well. At this time we are very satisfied with the information you have provided and the user friendliness of the platform both here and in the admin panel. We will do some research on the New Post functions and see if there is any flexibility there. We are engaging a programmer to run a test on the transfer of the database and all the content from the current forum. If all goes well we intend to move to this platform as soon as possible. When we have a read on the timeline for the transfer we will make it known to the rest of the members in advance of the change.

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  8. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    sorry , not much input , way to much goin on right now ,

    i did poke around a bit over the weekend ,
    looks way better than the old platform , guys like pippen dissected it all it seems
    im just not on here enough to be able to complain , i keep it simple ,
    few posts and pics from me time to time is all ,
    could have lived with the old forum , no biggy

    tight lines , back to the boat

  9. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update Brian. Good luck with the change over.
  10. Peahead

    Peahead Well-Known Member

    Thanks Brian and again my appologies for not getting on till tonight. Similar to Fog, I have had a ton going on in the last several days ..... my only few hours of R&R off work, I went fishing rather than test this site ...but I am sure you will understand that decision :);) lol

    ---->>> >>

    Just testing out the edit function now ........

    so far in about an hour of poking around I have to say I like the site - seems fast and quite user friendly. Photo posting is fairly easy and so far like the album area .....being able to upload 10 photos at once is pretty good. Also uploading direct from your computer works great and resizing the photos or leaving them larger they seem to all post at a fairly good physical size on a post or album. I use the "full size" choice when posting but I will play around a bit with that yet.... I like also that you can upload many photos into a post ...and at once
    ( I think up to 10 )

    I had one issue trying to delete photos on a post I was doing ....before I actually posted ....and an error message came up saying the photos weren't there even though it showed the thumbnails that I had uploaded, so not sure what happened there. I just left that page and went back and started over.

    I also am not sure I like the baby blue colour but I understand colour scheme would be impossible to please everyone..... it just seems the colours are kinda weak -"pastel-like" considering all the testosterone spilling out on this site lol
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  11. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Hi there Peahead.
    Welcome to the forum. Good to see another happy user aboard. Obviously, colour preference is a very personal thing. I find the colour scheme of the new forum very pleasing, and quite like it. That aside, I think you will find using this site much easier in almost every way. Now when I gogo to the main forum I find it clunky and awkward to use. I think this software is superior in almost every way. The only area that I've found cumbersome is what you already discovered. If you make a new post, you can't easily find where you made the post by going to the new posts page. Your own new posts don't display on the new posts page, which makes it very awkward to quickly find your last post if you don't remember exactly where you posted. Overall that is a very minor quibble compared to all the other great improvements with this software. Have fun poking around, and I think you will find this site a huge improvement and enjoy using it.
  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Ya buddy.....had a good go round of everywhere on the site. Working in the software space I get the frustration Brian and Chris went thru with the most recent update...and shook my head a bit at all the whining...haha. I get people hate change and that version was pretty crappy with shit support from vBulletin.

    I have used this software on another forum and Brian and I discussed it a while back. Knowing what the common complaints were in the current "live" SFBC I thought it best to try everything possible. There are tweaks they can also do in the backend but I think people will be happy with long as they take a couple of minutes to read thru tutorials that Brian has mentioned will be done up. Pretty easy to do a bit of reading on ones own before bitching about another platform change....haha. ;) :rolleyes: Many choose not to though, just bitch and ask everyone questions about how to do something..haha. :p :rolleyes:

    This will be a good one I think! :cool:
  13. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    @Pippen - Test @scott craven @Striper @Carl Z @TheBigGuy @the fog ducker @Peahead @Kildonan @spring fever @Adler @Sculpin @FIGJAM

    A quick update on where we are at. Chris has spent a good deal of time wading through a list of programmers to do the transfer of our database and content from the current forum. We have identified someone that has the experience in handling this type of scenario specifically with both vBulletin and Xenforo. Before we proceed to make the switch, we will be testing the transfer and if all goes well, we will inform the members and make the move. This will likely take at least a couple weeks, so although we are a step closer to making this reality, your continued patience and confidentiality is appreciated.
    Once again, thank you for your help through this entire process. We look forward (fingers crossed) to making this a reality very soon!

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  14. Peahead

    Peahead Well-Known Member

    Thanks for update Brian
  15. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for keeping us informed. Good luck with the change over. I know this has been a nightmare for you guys. I hope this resolves all your issues, and satisfies all the forum users as well. Many thanks for all the time, effort, and money spent trying to make this the best fishing forum on the coast.

    Appreciatively: TheBigGuy
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  16. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    I echo this. This IS the best fishing forum on the Coast and I want it to live on.
  17. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    I cannot find the current forums, only the 2015 and older. Are we live with those yet?
  18. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    No 2016 reports that I can find either ?
    might be a wrinkle they're trying to work out
  19. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    Chris posted some info in the welcome back thread. Unfortunately, the threads from the last upgrade have to eat imported manually over the next week or so. We will start a new group of report threads and meld everything together as we import the old ones. Apologies for the hassle but we didn't want to stay offline any longer!
  20. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    Fully understand the wanting to get back online thing. Make your corrections as you go. The regulars won't mind.

    The youtube links from past posts seem all buggered up. At least on my end they are not direct links with thumbnails anymore just text.

    I just posted a youtube vid in the fishing tunes thread and it worked great. There is no proper preview however and you just have to hope it works and go for it lol.
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