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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by wolf, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Mighty Sylvan

    Mighty Sylvan Active Member

    Will always be one of the best boats.
  2. ReelAction

    ReelAction New Member

    Thanks @Mighty Sylvan! Sure has been a headache, so far it's had the floors/stringers replaced transom is solid, repowerd with a new to me late model 40hp 4 stroke & 8hp kicker, new ez loader trailer and canvas, spent all my money on it and countless man hours did all the work myself, I'm a little obsessed with fishing and boats haha cheers!
  3. Cannonball

    Cannonball Active Member

    Nice work ReelAction - great to see you getting into it so early! At this rate you will have a 31' Grady White by the time you are 25!
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  4. Fisherf

    Fisherf Active Member

    this is my boat! got it a few months ago! 12734232_10205889801500599_1618771711949903123_n.jpg
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  5. fish brain

    fish brain Crew Member

    Nice rig Fisherf. Just perfect for fishing our local SCVI waters. Look after it and it will look after you
  6. One Fish

    One Fish Active Member

  7. One Fish

    One Fish Active Member

    Not on the water. Wish I had one of it on the water.. Dragon.. Hit on the camera
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  8. Cmiles

    Cmiles Crew Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg Finally finished
  9. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

  10. Cmiles

    Cmiles Crew Member

    Thx Ryan it was quite a project but looking forward to some water time
  11. Dirty_Oar

    Dirty_Oar Member

    I just got this one 2 weeks ago. I'm loving it so far.
  12. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    I felt like the last pictures of my boat didn't reflect the amount of fun we get out of it.


    Anchored up at the reef near my island place.
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  13. xavier

    xavier Member

    Well done GP on the Raider, nice boat! Will look good in GI!
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  14. finaddict

    finaddict Well-Known Member

    A good day's fishing (2).jpg Updated photo.
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  15. Mudshark

    Mudshark Active Member

    Picked up my boat. She's a project but she's Allright!

    1981 26' Stamas Walkaround -US built handlayed fibreglass- 2x6 fir stringers =solid boat
    240hp Perkins turbo diesel inboard.

    Cooked heat exchanger - fixed
    Oil leak - fixed
    Couple of batteries fired up after sitting for 2-3 years!

    Gutted the interior - water damage and a little mouse eaten

    Hope to float her this year. But no rush!

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  16. Cmiles

    Cmiles Crew Member

  17. Cmiles

    Cmiles Crew Member

    Good Looking hull
  18. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    The latest configuration of my Double eagle

    Attached Files:

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  19. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    She must fly with that 225 on the back !
  20. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    She moves lol

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