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    We sold our bigger boat and the big boy toys don't fit on our smaller boats so they have to go. This is most of what you need for the ultimate big screen GPS MAP system for a boat with some dash space and and a dry cabin.

    The parts below together with an inexpensive older laptop will give you an amazing big screen high resolution GPSMAP system. We loved it when we were running it in our 40' converted great lakes tugboat.

    For sale there is:
    - Nobeltech Visual Navigation Suite (list price ~$500)
    - Digital Ocean Vancouver Island East Electronic Charts (list price ~$250)
    - Garmin GPS76 with remote antena (list price ~$~400)
    - MAJOR BONUS FEATURE -gps comes programmed with the BEST salmon trolling patterns, crabbing spots and prawning spots for the Desolation Sound area (list price ~priceless )

    I'll sell everything for $750. Let me know if you have any questions on how the system works or how to set it up.

    Ian Hobbs
    Sevilla Island Resort

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