Foot found in Victoria

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Derby, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

  2. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    He found the foot Thursday morning but the RCMP didn't come for it until Friday?
  3. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Active Member

    Probably didn't feel it was a flight risk even if it did have a running shoe on.
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  4. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Picked it up Thursday with the coroner
  5. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    getting a leg up on the cops eh...
  6. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Put your best foot forward...sic
  7. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    GROAN!!!!! :rolleyes:
  8. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    This is getting out of hand...I mean if you don't have a leg to stand on in the first place and the police are only a hop, skip, and a jump away, who's going to foot the bill now that the shoe is on the other foot? I mean if the shoe fits, wear it, but unless you're leglessly drunk, taking something like that home is really going and putting your foot in it.
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  9. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    Been a real shoenami the last couple years.
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  10. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    Well sure, it's the Achilles heel of any major coastal city. If the police aren't fleet of foot, some guy who's a little light in the loafers could easily expose their feet of clay. Not to mention, if you want to bring someone like that to heel, you either stay on your toes or else he'll be kicking up a jig instead of cooling his heels in jail while some flatfoot guards him.

    Bottom line: if they don't start thinking on their feet, we're all just going to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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  11. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    If it was wild, shouldn't he have to release it?
  12. agentaqua

    agentaqua Well-Known Member

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  13. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    You know how the measure the coast of BC .. by the foot ..
  14. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Tac-another leg in that journey.Wit beyond measure is the mans greatest treasure.Fineline we walk between both.Tac is for the ones that lack the Wit to be sarcastic.
  15. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Active Member

    This thread is "toe"tally hilarious.
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  16. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Poor sole cant do the "Hokey-Pokey" :oops:
  17. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Hopefully that foot doesn't belong to someone you know. Wouldn't seem so funny then
  18. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    I , and several others, are duly slapped.... :(
  19. ILHG

    ILHG Well-Known Member

    No need to dig your heels in on this one.
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  20. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    Depends. What if it was someone you knew and couldn't stand?
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