Folbe, Orca, Or Stealth rod holders

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  1. I just purchased a set of the Stealth 2 quick release rod holders. I was hoping it would help with getting the out of the holder more easily when trolling deep. I fish with my girlfriend mostly and she has a hard time due to the pressure and I have to run back to help. I don't mind but to me it's one of the best parts of fishing, racing back and getting the rod out and the initial speed reel to the point of some control. I tried the Stealth because it seemed to me to be the most secure and was ambidextrous as far as fishing a single action reels on either side of the boat. I mounted it on the downrigger boom with the extended vertical holder like the Scotty offshore holder has. It might be too high for her, as she still had a hard time lifting it out after the initial pick up. My question is has anyone had success or have a preference with the Orca or Folbe quick release holders. I run MR3 reels and have wondered if the Folbe and Orca units will work equally well on both the Port and Starboard sides. Also has anyone ever lost the gear with them, I've always been a bit worried about that..
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    I use the orcas when stacking so I’ve got them mounted on rear stern rail pointing straight out the back. No issues with them popping open.
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    I run Folbe’s on my boat my 12 year old boy can pick the rod out on a salmon strike. I purchased a few extra flush and rail mounts so I can move them around when bottom fishing had some big strikes without incident. Having said that I lock them shut now when on the Hali grounds just incase.
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    They have an innovative design. I'm using the Orca's now, but these sure look a lot easier than the orca. I also find the orca's are pretty hard on the handles because if you don't lift them out from the top side the orca will not release. This appears to lift out a lot smoother than the orca's. Worth a look, so long as they aren't pricy
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    Where did you buy your stealth holders? Just watched a video on YouTube and think I’ll be taking my orcas offf and giving them a try.
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    folbe's i really like them
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    Which model of f Folbes?
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    there is only one, just different mounts
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    I like my Folbe rod holders I played it safe at first with them I put a line on my rod to side of my boat if it opens
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    I use my Folbe rod holders when sturgeon fishing, they work great and never had a problem.
  12. BarryA

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    I‘ve trolled with Folbes for the past 8 years. Zero issues, zero loss of gear. Love them.
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  13. They are not two bad, I think it was about $95.00 U.S. for a set of two and they come with a deck mounts mount. I purchased the vertical extensions too so that brought the cost up a bit. I had assumed the they would align with the Scotty verticals I had already as the patterns on the plates looked the same but they do not. They do lift out of the rubberized sling portion very smoothly but the butt of the rod stays in the base section. There is plenty of room to pull it out but it's still has pressure on the rod which is hard for my wife to overcome especially at the higher elevation as I have them mounted to the boom of my Scotty's. I am thinking of trying the Folbes as once they are open there are no other restraints. I like the look of the Stealth more and they are fine for me but my wife just not strong enough so I'll give the other a try. My big concerns was loosing the rod overboard but that does not seem to be the case from the responses so far.
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  14. I was able to buy them direct online. Contact Jason - his email is
  15. Thanks for all the input everyone!! Nice getting some real feedback from users.
    Take Care.

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