FN Fellow Speaks Out re: Grizzly Hunt Ban

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by IronNoggin, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. IronNoggin

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    I found this to be a rather refreshing take on the matter. Posted here for all those that choose not to look at Facebook:

    "Thomas Sewid:

    As a First Nations hunter who enjoys hunting bears, I am not in favor of this ban on grizzly bear hunting for all non-native resident hunters of B.C. I find it appalling that the N.D.P. will use the grizzly bears as a propaganda ploy for environmental corporations and other B.C. Tribes to garner support.

    I now see that a few of my non-native friends I hunt with cannot come out with me to hunt grizzly bears, nor can I go with them if they were to pull a draw for a grizzly tag as we have done before. Those days are now lost forever possibly? Hunting is an integral social component for many of we B.C. residents, but no consultation was done towards the natives and non-natives that have enjoyed hunting bears together for decades.

    Having interviewed the natives on the central coast and being educated that since they stopped grizzly bear hunting throughout their traditional territories, the grizzly has increased in numbers where they live. They have seen grizzly bears move to islands where the spirit bear lives and now the spirit bears have disappeared or moved off elsewhere.

    Lest we forget our history, it was not too long ago in the late 1990's that a coastal Native tribe had to shoot many grizzly bears that kept coming into their village. This was due to the south coast mainland river salmon crash. I heard a hole was dug and carcass's thrown in and buried. All witnessed and condoned by our Ministry of Environment.
    Then there's the two grizzly young pups that swam to Alert Bay and the 2 known shootings of grizzly bear on Vancouver Island in last decade.

    Just another example how our politicians and Ministries they run don't have enough scientific population and migration data to make an informed decision regarding the grizzly bears.

    It stumps me how my fellow natives will swallow the environmental mandate hook line and sinker without giving any thought to their high unemployment rates within their community's? I personally know how many months one can be employed and how lucrative the income is by being a bear hunting guide.
    As a hunter and ex-bear hunting guide, I know how the rich folk look at wildlife. It's all sport for them, fine. What I am concerned with having attended numerous S.C.I. conferences and guided many rich folk, is there's always the need for trophy sized grizzly bear hides for mounts and skulls for collections.

    It scares me tho think what has happened to wards salmon, halibut, prawn and crab fisheries will now take place with grizzly bears. Year round First Nations and some non-natives fish and sell what they catch. The N.D.P. has put a huge price tag on our grizzly bears and mark my words the black market hunting of the bears will now commence by many First Nations in every corner of our Province where grizzly bears live.

    I am one of the few Indians that has found that being a hunting guide and being an Eco-tourism bear viewing guide can work. If I can do this to generate revenue, so can other First Nations. If we follow this path and cooperate as hunters Native and resident I feel we can put pressure on our Government to see the light so to speak.
    If we sit idol and continually fight between non-native hunter and Native individual or Tribe /organization we will soon see the loss of hunting other animals such as cougar, bison, etc. This can be the tip of the iceberg, or if we cooperate and work together - the turning of the tide?

    Yes, last week I wrote a post in this group and was attacked by many adamant Indian haters who can never come to a common ground like an environmentalist anti-fish farming Indian. Lets see if it's worth my time to post here and hopefully share some info with people that want to see the grizzly bear hunt for B.C. residents come back instead of being lost forever?"


    RODNREEL Active Member

    This is a good reminder that there are good and bad in all groups.
    Another hundred thousand letters similar to this from FN folks sure could make a difference.

    Thanks for posting Nog
  3. halimark

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    Thanks Nog

    An awesome response from a very knowledgeable person. Good to read other valid views, never thought about the "spirit bear" impacts.

  4. Fixit

    Fixit Well-Known Member

    united we stand! well said
  5. california

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    Certainly this fellow is entitled to his opinion, and as a guide who was making money from it had a vested financial interest. FN people are not a monolith and have different opinions on issues like other segments of the population. Its worth noting the Grizzly ban could not have occurred without the support of an array of first nations groups. While the overwhelming majority of BC residents oppose the hunt, and wanted it stopped, that would likely never have carried the day without significant FN support. Obviously I, like most British Columbians am happy to see it end, but acknowledge not all agree, and a few directly involved with the hunts , like this FN person will be affected negatively.
  6. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Whether you choose to understand it or not, the present socialist government intentionally left the door wide open for the continuance of guided hunting under the FN banner. That fact was quietly negotiated for months prior to the announcement of the ban. This fellow could have chosen to keep his words to himself, and continued to make a living from both guiding for hunters and tourists. Instead, he chose to point out what he considers to be problems with this policy, and stands in solidarity with non FN hunters. Admirable stance in my books.

  7. SpringFever552

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    Not only what nog is saying regarding his post on grizzly hunting..whats next to be on the chopping block whether its race based or not so to speak??
    Maybe its golfing?..what a waist of land some might say..
    Maybe ____???fill in the blank

    As we're on a "Sportfishing web site..what if/when "SPORT" fishing is next?

    When some small group sways the government of the day of BC/Canada, and then the residents think that "oh well this doesnt effect me so what the heck"..
    It will..one day,maybe not so soon,but one day it will affect you..mark my words
    We will all soon be just laying around posting about the good old days..

    Remember the old saying by
    Martin Niemöller

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
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  8. Floater

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    They (socialists) always start with easy wins when it comes to these sorts of things, hence the Grizzly ban. When that goes down without too much of a fuss, they start testing the waters with less popular legislation on similar fronts. The key is getting the populace to become accustomed to the loss of freedoms/rights.

    Its the same game play all the time, taxes being the best example of this. To think people now fight tooth and nail to make themselves pay MORE taxes boggles the mind, but it shows you how we can be swayed.

    Mark my words, Fishing is in the crosshairs in the not too distant future. Its a given if these people arent kicked out of office.
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  9. halimark

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    Who believes that an "overwhelming majority of BC residents oppose the hunt" are you sure that's true, verified, or government BS based on a misguided opinion poll? Let me ask the question (unbiased) and send it to all BC voters (not a selected few) to answer. I think your response would be different. I say Thomas Sewid was right on with his statements and concerns. I will wait for a few years to see when the grizzly's spread outside current range and find a nice new whitish fluffy bear as protein. We should still remember that the North American Wildlife Model has undisputedly saved many species, emotions raise money but have saved NO species. It should be about the bears.

    Anyone watched the recent movie "Trophy". Not a biased movie only facts provided.

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