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    Hello everyone,
    I have been tying for many years now and have been tying for local FlyFishing shops and doing special orders for people I have met. I have recently gone on to many websites and have seen people looking for types of flys that they cannot find.So my point being is that I will tye any type or size of fly. I will tye flys for any species of fish.My prices vary. For easier flys like chironomids or midges the prices will be fairly cheap, and fancier flys like for steelhead and salmon will be a little more. I put a special coating if a certain solution (only if you ask for it and for no extra charge)on flys like for Chironomids that make them just about indestructible. The special liquid gives the flies more of a glossy kind of look but does not distort any material or look of the fly. So if you are interested email me at and I can send pictures of what you would like or pictures of my fly box to show that my flys are not low end garbage ones. And if a large order is placed I will give a special deal. I will ship to anywhere in the world also.

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