Flushing trailer breaks

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  1. Wooly

    Wooly Active Member

    I just installed new breaks. I’m in and out of the water probably 50 times in the summer. Has anyone installed a home job flush system on a regular tandem trailer with electric breaks? looking for ideas.


  2. turbomack

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    You can drill and tap fittings into your backing plates and connect hoses pretty easily. Have a look at the backing plates they generally flair inwards and it can allow fresh water to be sprayed into the drums without installing fittings. The most important thing I think is to do it immediately after the trailer comes out of the water. I ran electric drum brakes for 5 years before replacing any parts just by diligently rinsing them after every submersion. I carry a 200 litre drum and wash down pump in my truck when I launch or retrieve the boat with a little saltaway for good luck.
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  3. profisher

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    Yep once you have a setup you need to rinse after launching and after retrieving for any noticeable benefits. Most are in touch much of a hurry when launching so they only rinse after reloading....this means the saltwater dried and deposited salt while they fished...rinsing later only flushed the second dunkings saltwater.
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  4. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    This is my setup, All run from inside the truck.

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  5. Aces

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    74D43B2F-A319-4182-94F5-F615F095DC83.jpeg 74D43B2F-A319-4182-94F5-F615F095DC83.jpeg
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  6. John s

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    I seen a gravel truck going down the freeway in Abbotsford the other day with one of the wheels in the trailer glowing orange and flames coming out of the hub. And two days later there was a set of wheels and a drum laying in the ditch. Not sure if they came off the same truck. But that’s some scary sh-t
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  7. chromatose007

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    I saw a guy at a launch that had installed a length of plastic pipe along the rails of his trailer. He had fitted hoses, petcocks and a filler cap at the head.
    As soon as he dropped the boat he flicked the petcocks open and flushed the brakes. Even had enough for the re-load at the end of the day.
    Didn't look that complicated. Pics got lost... Good luck!
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  8. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    That setup of mine will flush on launch and retrievable and a quick wash of boat and trailer and there is a Quick disconnect and short hose to flush kicker. The real trick is the flush after launch

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  9. adrian1991

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