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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Brian Lehr, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Brian Lehr

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    During the first week of June, my son is treating me to a father/son fishing road trip for my 55th birthday. The plan is to drive from Edmonton to Hope, do a day charter on the Fraser for Sturgeon, and then head to Victoria for a day charter for salmon/halibut. Since we'll be driving and tenting, we're hoping to line up some nice lakes (preferably with campgrounds) along the way. We'll also have an aluminum boat with a trolling motor.

    For those of you who are familiar with that area, would you have any good recommendations?


  2. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    this will be time to hit the lakes as the big
    muddy....mighty fraser will be cresting
    soon with the spring thaw from what the province emassed throughout this past winter.
    With that said id be looking at some lakes
    around merrit or princeton as you head

    a little late for cutties and early for pinks
    interior lakes would be your best bet
    then head for the coast for some stellar
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  3. TheBigGuy

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    Hi Brian.

    I think you need to give a bit more info to get recommendations. Are you just talking about lakes and camping along the way to fish in BC. Your aluminum boat how big is it? Electric motor, or gas &HP. Some lakes have elec only, or HP restrictions. Downriggers? How do you fish, are you a flyfisher, or strictly gear. If you are strictly a fly fisher that will affect the choice of lakes. What route into BC were you planning on taking. The more details you give the better, so guys can give you good advice.
  4. Brian Lehr

    Brian Lehr New Member

    1. Lakes and camping along the main route, or not too far off.
    2. Route will be Hwy 16 (Yellowhead) from Edmonton up through Jasper and Mt. Robson; then BC5.
    3. Not a large boat, maybe 11 feet (transported on top of my van), with electric trolling motor.
    4. Mainly gear fishing with bait, rapalas, spoons, etc.

    We're taking about 8 days for the trip, so we're looking forward to enjoying the great BC outdoors.
  5. Old Blue

    Old Blue Active Member

    I'd stop at Roche or Tunkwa on your way though the interior. Agreed with 1Marko about the Fraser, maybe spend a 2nd day fishing in the salt on the island somewhere else like Tofino, Uki, Port Renfrew (closer to Victoria)
  6. Brian Lehr

    Brian Lehr New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. Fish Camp

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    My bucket list is to try the kinbasket resivoir valemont bc 186 @2.5
  8. you should try Elk lake in Victoria, or even Mesachie lake if you're willing to make the trip up to lake cowichan. I would stay off Cowichan lake with only an electric engine.
  9. leaseman

    leaseman Member

    What company you using for the Dino charter??
  10. Damien

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  11. california

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  12. chadr

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    Johnson lake not to far from Barriere is a really nice spot. Lake is a really beautiful blue colour
  13. wayne.mck

    wayne.mck Member

    Paska Lake off of 97D off of the Coquihalla has waterfront camping and fish.
  14. Ripperoflips

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    If you're coming down the Yellow Head you could turn west at Little Fort on to HWY 24 then you're within 40 min. of some of the best fresh water trout fishing in B.C., Highway 24 is known as the fishing highway, the beginning of june could be prime time! You could be there 3 weeks and fish a different trophy lake every day. It's B.C.'s fresh water heaven.
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  15. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    If you get to Little Fort, hit the High Five Diner.
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