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    The first time for me on the lake, June 18, 19 ,20th.
    weather was good, and rainbows were biting on the 18th. got lots of hits running 2 fly rods trolling "bucktails" and spinners. about a 6 lber landed, and kept one about 45 cm. It had some ants and bettles in its stomach.
    weather went sour Weds., only 3 hits, did not stick.
    On the 20th it was still very cloudy, but released a Bull trout( small and closed), got another rainbow, 40 cm, and 2 Lakers, 60 cm, and 65cm. about 6 and 8 lbs. Lakers bit on the streamer fly and spinner combo.
    rainbow was on an 4.0 Apex, dipsy diver combo.
    Hoping to go back with my own boat, soon.
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    went back, with a friend, stayed in a lodge cabin/ meals/ boat pakge, july 25-31 and fished 6 days.
    came back with 2 small lakers, caught early morning, 3 Kokanee, 4 Rainbows about 17-18 inches.
    One stainless steel hook broke on my buddy when the best fish turned and ran.
    That may have been a Laker of some size.
    things that worked:
    talking to the older fellas and local manager was just as informative as anyone. had a report of 2 Lakers at 75' by a guy leaving the resort.
    the young guys seem fascinated by what they see on their sounders and report things like we see them on the sounder at 400 feet. people fish for them at 180 feet, blah blah.
    Lures that worked: blue and silver K-7 kwikfish, K-11 kwikfish in chrome/pink stripe, #2 Krippled K hot flame one side, Gibbs Gypsy 1.0 flamin' hans colours, big red gator spoon 4", Apex 3.0 in a purple and pink scheme.
    things that did not work: never caught anything on a spinner or fly, nothing on the surface. lightest weight was 1 oz that worked. apex 1.5 wrong colours or something as could not get those working despite others last week doing well on them.
    places that worked: along the south side of the lake opposite the north arm( wind blows directly onto this beach evenings and mornings)
    the point at Pennisula bay, and the big strike was over at Wesako bay/ creek area.
    At the creek mouth were a ton of fry.not identifiable to me, no parr marks showing. unable to capture despite shallows. Possible Kokanee or sockeye fry, hopefully not red sided shiners.
    Lots of scat and prints in the sand and mud at the 2 creek mouths we visited.
    Had lots of clouds and rain, a little sunburn weather, but winds were light compared to June.
    Traveled up the North arm one day but not all the way. resort boat only 16'. Breeze came up.
    could not get a boat to go up with, so could not save money there. could have saved $1200, if I could have brought my own boat.

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