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    thank you,
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    That's a big one. They are under heavy pressure now.
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    Here is some more recent reports

    I believe this will probably end back in court the PSF findings is a death nail for PRV. Even if PRV does not cause HSMI in pacifc salmon, IT does cause Jaundice and diseases.

    So it will have to be regulated a lot different now.

    Sounds to me like its time to put this expert witness on the stand

    he study, conducted as a collaboration between the Pacific Salmon Foundation, Genome BC, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, concludes the PRV-1 virus may cause jaundice in Chinook salmon. That’s different from the heart and skeletal muscle inflammation disease the virus leads to in farmed Atlantic salmon.

    The finding, said Dr. Brian Riddell, CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, calls into question whether Atlantic salmon known to have the PRV virus should be allowed to be put in the Pacific Ocean, where the fish farms are located.

    As a solution, “You go right back to where juveniles are produced,” Riddell said. “There are hatcheries that have PRV-free fish.”
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    How was whale hunting stopped?

    Maybe a sea shepherd approach is necessary to get enough attention as to how serious and how ignored by governments this issue is.

    100 boats circling a FF, commercial and recreational, not letting them take the infected fish away.

    Or, a wide idea,

    Enforcing a court decision, how could anyone be charged for helping a court order be complied with?

    Laws of the sea require a ship give way, a continuous circle? Even the coast guard has to comply with that.

    Lots of worldwide press. Embarrass the crap out of our weak and corrupt politicians, world wide.

    Hey it would be fun too, it is still the wilderness and a camping trip. A few days of boating.
    Maybe get some help from the states.

    Apr 24, 2018 - The federal government is fumbling the management of fish farms, while failing to enforce rules and manage risks ... This spring, Washington State decided to phase out its non-native fish farms, following Alaska, which prohibits fin fish farming

    Washington state senate bans Atlantic salmon farming in state waters
    Washington State senators voted Friday to ban Atlantic salmon farming in state waters.
    Company that runs state's net-pen fish farms says it is considering next moves

    Liam Britten · CBC News · Posted: Mar 02, 2018 11:02 PM PT | Last Updated: March 2
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    "VANCOUVER—Salmon that was raised at certain fish farms near Tofino, B.C., won’t be sporting one of the industry’s top eco-friendly labels when it hits grocery stores."
    "ASC certification program for farmed seafood, comes from producers who have worked to limit their impact on the environment. And for ASC products, producers have also demonstrated social responsibility towards their workforce. "
    asc label.jpg
    The recent video taken under a fish farm certainly shoots a BIG hole on that theory!
    So what’s the Fish Farm solution to the video’s provide undisputable proof of the damage done under their Farms….BAN ACCESS.
    Marine Harvest Seeks ‘No-Go’ Zone Around Fish Farms
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    Well, when even Business in Vancouver is starting to turn the corner on this issue I think it's safe to say that momentum is gathering like never before for the removal of open net pen fish farms in our coastal waters.
    Environmental organizations, anti fish farm activists and some First Nations have been calling for the end of salmon farming in B.C. for well over a decade.

    The scientific evidence to back up their warnings that salmon farms pose a threat to wild salmon has been scant.

    But now the Pacific Salmon Foundation is adding its voice to the call to phase out open-net salmon farms, and a new study by Canadian scientists suggests disease from salmon farms may, in fact, pose a risk to wild stocks.

    Last week, the PSF took a stance on the issue, calling on the federal and B.C. governments to shut down open net fish farms and move them closed containment systems.

    Full article -
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    Circling back to Fogged In's original post in this thread and my curiosity over the fate of Cooke Aquaculture's next cohort of Atlantic salmon in their hatchery, it looks like those fish are now orphans.
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    What do the American's know that DFO and our Government don't??
    “May 17, 2018
    WDFW officials cited two factors in denying the permit that they said would increase the risk of disease transmission within the net pens and possibly to wild and hatchery-raised Pacific salmon outside the pens:”
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