Fish Farm Provincial fish farm tenures are expiring

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    No doubt many members have already responded to this request from Alexandra Morton but if you believe Fish Farms need to be moved to dry land, now is the time to make your voice heard!!
    AND pass this on to those who feel their voice too should be heard.
    It is an uphill battle, but we need to keep pushing!!

    I am writing to let you know that the hard work as been done, we just need your voice. This is the moment you can make a big difference for wild salmon.

    This past summer, after decades of saying NO to salmon farming in their territorial waters, the Musgamagw and Namgis people started pushing back hard, occupying salmon farms until the Province of BC stops renewing fish farm tenures without their permission.

    Incredibly, the companies managed to obtain injunctions and are now threatening to arrest First Nations in their own territories if they get too close to the farms. Undeterred the nations continue to occupy islands that over-look the farms – day 144.

    We have an opportunity: One quarter of the provincial fish farm tenures are expiring.

    The NDP government has a choice: heed the science and engage in true reconciliation by refusing to renew fish farm tenures where the industry has no agreements with First Nations, or violate First Nation rights, ignore that 80% of the BC farm salmon are carrying a Norwegian virus and renew the tenures.

    Please, use this incredibly easy tool at to raise your voice for wild salmon and send a letter to your MLA, asking them to not renew salmon farm tenures in Musgamagw/Namgis territories. It takes less than a minute.

    Premier Horgan is gambling with our wild salmon. If he hears from enough people, he will deny the tenures, if not he will renew them. It’s simple. You know what to do.

    Thank you so much,

    Alexandra Morton

    email with this link
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    Thanks for the reminder fogged in and the link in there to get your letters into the NDP Government MLA's to get the Fish Farms off the Wild Salmon migration routes.
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    Yup, sent.......

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