First timer - trip advice on location and expectations

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by pehudson, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. pehudson

    pehudson New Member

    I want to thank those who participate in these forums. I have learned a lot by reading your posts, and I have answered a lot of my questions in advance of making this post.

    My wife and I are flying in for 4-5 days the first week in August for the primary purpose of saltwater fishing. We will probably seek a couple of day charters instead of a lodge, to save money. We really love eating halibut, salmon and cod, and want to try bring a good amount home (within our possession limit). We have fished in Homer & Seward Alaska multiple times, but this is our first trip to Vancouver Island.

    My first question is - what town should be our base for fishing? I am inclined to go to Tofino because it seems to be an easy drive from Victoria, with great scenery and restaurants. But I understand that fishing is seasonal, and I would love to know if there is another place that would clearly outshine Tofino from a fishing perspective. To the extent it matters, halibut is our first priority.

    My thought is to fish for 2 full days, in light of the possession limits. My hope is to find a guide who can chase butts, salmon, lingcod and rockfish in the same day, to help us bring home more meat (for instance, seeking bigger slot halibut over chickens). Is that realistic?
    Thank you in advance for help with my questions.
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  2. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    You're bang on..Tofino or Ucluelet is a great bet for 2 days. The one issue You can't go against mother nature. If mother nature give you her is...what it is.
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  3. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    If it were me I would go to bamfield and charter with jp’s fishing charters.
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  4. walleyes

    walleyes Well-Known Member

    I'll second this and would lean towards Tofino if your taking the wife. Although it's not that far of drive to either place. Ukee is an awesome little town but leans more towards the fishing, Tofino is more touristy with quite a few little boutique shops to view.

    Bamfield,, nah not for the wife, trust me take her to Tifino. Do a search on here, quite a few good guides run out of either Tofino or Ukee. Also I will throw in don't bother with one of the big outfits find a private charter captain they will generally take better care of you. Also it's never to soon to book your space and your room come spring those places on prime dates book fast.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your decision.
  5. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Fishing is great in Tofino mid June thru mid September for multi species trips
  6. Fixit

    Fixit Well-Known Member

    i personally like taking my boat to bamfeild, but its a gravel road all the way from port alberni. but tofino is paved, both spots you can get offshore or hide inshore if its rough

    sounds like tofino may be the spot for you. ive been out with claquot ventures before, great outfit, well run, unfortunatly fishing was poor that day, its was rough as hell and we were a bit hung over, lol we chummed the water a bit :(
  7. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    There are inshore protected water options for Tofino, but I'm pretty sure Chinooks close for retention August 1st.
  8. pehudson

    pehudson New Member

    Thank you all for the input. It sounds like Tofino is appropriate for us.
  9. spoiler

    spoiler Active Member

    I would stay in Ucluelet and book with Kenny Myers "The Fish Myster"
  10. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    If you want a great guide contact Shawn.....aka Fishtofino
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  11. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Give Fishtofino a call on this site guaranteed a good time even if he cheers for the Canucks :)
  12. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    my vote is also go with Fishtofino
    You will however have to keep you fingers crossed for calm seas and the earlier in August the better
  13. Old Blue

    Old Blue Active Member

    Another vote for Shawn. You'll have a great time with him and their B+B is a great location right in the heart of town. Nice smooth boat even in rougher water as well
  14. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    JP is the man. Look at his social media
  15. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    I did an "all species limit in one day" 2 years ago at Hippa Island lodge. First time in over 30 years of fishing. It took a full 10 hours on the water, a good guide, awesome location and good angler skills. If your expectations are to go home "limited-out", 5-6 days is more like it - you will need to be fishing WCVI and need to allow 1-2 days for bad weather. Many outfits will not target Rockfish (good for them). You will also need to book the whole boat as most people's agenda is Salmon first. Your goal of "everything in one day" is severely unrealistic.
    Given your priorities I'd got to Tofino with fishtofino. I used to keep my boat moored there.
  16. Twinstrike

    Twinstrike Member

    Don't forget Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet great fishing and lot's of fishing options.
  17. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    I’m my opinion BC just cant complete with Seward Alaska when it comes to limiting out on rockfish,flounder,halibut,COD and salmon and filling up your wheelbarrow with fish at the end of the day.

    You should also be aware of fishing in offshore waters. Huge swells all day, it’s a huge puke fest for a lot of friends I have fished with especially if your socked in fog in August “fogust”.
  18. uclueletcharters

    uclueletcharters Well-Known Member

    If your going to Tofino Shawn is the fish whisperer and a great captain. I think he won the Tofino Legion derby for the 8th time again this past season lol. He's fishy as heck :)

    Tofino or Ukee is great, happy wife = annual fishing trips :) Do some fishing take her for a walk on the beach and out for a nice dinner that will tie in nicely for a well balanced his and her holiday.

    Good luck out there :)

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