First Kokanee in years

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  1. Went for a troll with the war dept. yesterday...great water...slow fishing tho...water bombers from up north were playing/practising....great to watch.
    Slowed way down and tried a worm on a gang troll....been years but had to try.
    Lots out there but really small.
    Got a pig of a squaw fish on a trout killer tho.
    Lots of marks around 90 ft in 280 ft .water was 49.3...rather odd
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    I counted over 40 boats fishing Kokanee on Wood Lake yesterday. I have great success on Sling Blade single Dodgers and Wiggle Hootchies tipped with Pautze Fire cured corn from Shasta Tackle. For Kokanee. You get to feel the fight of the fish as opposed to a gang troll and worm. We caught ours at 24-30 feet in 100 feet of water.

    Were you on Kal Lake? Only saw three boats out there.
  3. nope...we were on Okanagan lake ..bit north of Peachland....usually produces something....only thing we got with any success was water from dumb asses coming so close as we trolled....They have the whole lake...why do they pick on people that fish?

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