Final amended version of the Recovery Strategy for the Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales

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    The SARA team works independently of DFO and the goverment of canada cabinet. Steelhead has critical habitat identified and it means F all. The designation of the areas does give them added management measures tools so in theory in the future the could close it all down.

    Given the fact that the whales spend most of the summer fishing season nowhere near these waters management measure around fishing in these areas would be pointless also they whales are suppose to be in JDF to Victoria most of the summer.

    What I would be more worried about is what measures will be around Fraser chinook and also the cuts to chinook from the PST. From what I read somewhere most of the cut from the pst is comming from outside fisheries..

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    Casper, there are just things you can't discuss while talks are ongoing. No different as a board member in a couple of the societies I sit on. The last thing you want to do is announce something prematurely and have it go sideways and look like idiots. I push to have announcements the second we can but respect the wishes of those involved and wait for the word that it can now go public.
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    I have heard from a very reliable source, we get to fish the surf line!!!! Which really doeasn't make sence since the majority of the so called sightings on the west coast where on the shore :(
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    Lots of speculation which is not helpful. We anticipated all along that this area would be designated as CH. That decision was not a big surprise. The main issue has always been engaging the Minister and DFO on the larger issue of Management Measures. The point of the Media event today was to start to engage the public narrative and move people toward understanding the economic impacts and values the rec fishery represents. We also wanted to make the point that the prior approach to management measures (fin fish closures across broad areas) was not an effective protection measure and inflicts undue economic harm...and that there are better ways.

    The way forward is to work with DFO and the Minister to develop robust management measures that achieve a balance between protecting whales, addressing the threat pillars impacting them and finding responsible measures that allow fisheries to continue in harmony with whales. That is for all marine users..but it also means status quo isn't a realistic outcome. There will be change.

    I would rather be proactive and come to the table with viable solutions, rather than waiting around for DFO to impose something. We need to continue to work hard to establish the widest possible base of support within the stakeholder and science communities to take forward win/win solutions.
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    I trolled out on the bank for 25 years before getting kicked out by the commercial sporties. In that time I never saw a killer whale on the bank.
    Kind of amusing that the commercial sporties are getting kicked out by whales that may or may not be that far off shore.
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    Like what?
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    I’m surprised with all the talk on this forum how people wanna organize etc etc and do something about all this bullshit but the go fund me page isn’t even at 10k with a goal of 50k. Over 6000 sfbc members on here plus all the lurkers you would think guys would donate at least $10. That’s a drop in the bucket and not gonna make or break anybody. Guess the saying of money talks and shit walks is pretty true. Just my opinion no offence intended.
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    I think more would contribute if the game plan was clearly shown.
    people are hesitant when they don't know exactly what their donation is used for.
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    Trailering the boat to Campbell River is looking better and better
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    I may disagree with you on some things but that is very true statement.
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    read profisher post... this is just like playing poker......
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    The Dec 2 Comment on the Facebook page just talks about averting more WCVI closures. Dec 2 also talks about declaring a good part of the West Coast "SARA". The West Coast of Vancouver Island is not a species at risk.

    50 grand is a little more then it cost to get rid of the Douglas Statue in front of Victoria City Hall. But it would be a great little operating budget for a special interest group. Wonder why they are not posting who they are and what they are doing.

    There is one group out there that comes to mind that has it's "Tilt" light on about the proposed Swiftsure/Big Bank closure.

    The site does have a link to SRKW.ORG which list SFI, WCGA and BCWF at the bottom. Two of those are very well known sportsman advocacy organizations. does not have a single name, address or phone number on the site. WHOIS comes up blank.

    If this is SFI and BCWF doing something I thought they would use their considerable credibility and clout to promote it. I suspect these pages are raising funds for a certain association in their efforts to "help" the orcas by pursuing a proposed 400M bubble zone around the whales when they approach boats, as opposed to closing Swiftsure and LaPerouse Banks. They are pushing for science based approaches to whales, but much like our recently established whale refuges, there is little science behind the 400M bubble zone either.

    No names, addresses or plans posted. Zip. Zilch. Not even on Instagram.[/QUOTE]
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    • Thanks for the positive boost. Yes, we are working hard to help make a difference. We are now working very hard with DFO to develop management measures that will protect SRKW, while also finding responsible ways to ensure recreational and other fishing activities that small coastal communities rely upon for supporting local economies continue.

    • Many people have graciously donated to the fund, which we are using to help reach out to the public with facts about alternative measures that strike a balance between protecting whales, while finding innovative ways for marine based activities to take place in harmony. 399,355 people reached (and tracked), not counting the website reach. We are doing our best to help get the message out and promote the economic value recreational fishing brings to small coastal communities.

    • Our view is it is better to take positive steps forward to try our best to make a difference, than to sit back and wait for someone to do something.

    Share Tweet Donate

    Orca Outreach Fund



    The fund is to be used to achieve outreach activities to help small coastal communities that rely upon the recreational fishery to achieve a balance between protecting Killer Whales while allowing responsible Recreational Fisheries. Our aim is to help engage communities to develop, in partnership, measurable protection strategies for orca, and to realize critical social and economic values for these coastal communities.

    Specifically, the fund is to raise capital to help us deliver media outreach, develop social media campaigns, initiate and deliver community outreach via Chamber meetings and other venues such as AVICC etc.

    Our first project is we are partnering with the BC Chamber of Commerce to hire the PACE Group to develop and deliver a media campaign, which will be timed to the Critical Habitat proposal announcement.

    This fund will help us work with communities to develop science based strategies to achieve a balance between protecting whales, while ensuring the conditions exist to support a thriving recreational fishery that delivers social and economic benefits to them.

    We are partnering together to work with coastal communities on a protection strategy to protect the Orca's and small coastal communities of Sooke, Port Renfrew, Bamfield, Port Alberni, Ucluelet and Tofino. As a part of our ongoing outreach, we are attending Chamber meetings. Our first is the Port Renfew Chamber meeting November 20th. We also reached out to the Campbell River Guide Association on December 11.

    Here's our accomplishments to date:

    1. Held Media Event, called Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities in Victoria Dec 6th
    2. Developed website to help share information
    3. Developed Facebook Page
    4. Developed Instagram Page
    5. Initiated Community Outreach - speaking at Chamber Meetings and other community groups

    We are using the go fund me campaign to help fund development of social media and to boost posts to extend our reach to the public. Thus far we have reached 398,355 people on social media and many more site visits to our website.

    Community Supporters:

    West Coast Fishing Guide Association
    Sooke to Port Renfrew Tourism Association

    Part of our approach will be to work cooperatively with DFO to explore science-based solutions as a part of a multi-party team offering our assistance in developing future management measures for critical habitat areas of special importance for killer whales.

    As recreational fishers, we strongly believe in contributing our volunteer efforts and funding to support local enhancement projects to give something back to fish. Any un-used funds will be donated to salmon enhancement projects that will benefit enhancing Chinook stocks important to Southern Resident Killer Whales.

    We believe this strategy will provide protection for whales, while allowing responsible vessel use of habitats we share with whales.

    Recreational fishing (for salmon only) contributes $713 million USD every year to local communities in B.C.; $440 million USD to Canada's GDP; $246 million USD to Labour - helping families thrive; and 6,150 Full Time Equivalent jobs. All this while using only 10% of the Salmon, and 15% of the Halibut catch in BC.

    Small coastal communities and their economies are heavily reliant upon the recreational fishery - those values are worth protecting.

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