Federal government petition to end salmon farming in Canadian waters

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Crow, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Crow

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  2. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    thxs for bringing it to our attention.
  3. Striper Sniper

    Striper Sniper Active Member

    Done! :)
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  4. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    Signed. This is actually a really big deal. I didn't see anywhere where it says how many signatures are needed and what the process is to accomplish this loft goal. Could we really abolish fish farms?
  5. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Just signed it. Let's hope that thousands sign this petition and get these out of the water and on the land where their negative environmental impacts can be better managed.
  6. Dave

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  7. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Well the net pen farmers PR firm has spoken. It cant work here so it cant work anywhere near a major city anywhere in the world. Why do I find that not surprising Dave. Think it through. Why would we need to have open pen fish farms on the coast when you could use a RAS system right next to the market that is demanding this product? Seem like a win/win in my books. Jobs in local economies, local grown food, low transportation impacts. Yes it just cant work now can it.
  8. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    You're right GLG, it could work, but would you invest in it?
  9. Bent-Tip

    Bent-Tip Active Member

    All signed up, thanks for the link !
  10. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    interesting how it comes down to investor and company profits becoming more important to some people and companies than the environment and health of our natural, native species.
    GLG makes some good points and the future is on land fish farming.
    thankfully some companies take their social licence seriously and they will be the ones that in the end people will look up to and support. word gets around this day and age on the internet.
    also statements such as the one below will be of even more importance as people become educated as to the downfalls of open net pen fish farming.
    "Fish raised in land-based systems can appeal to certification programs set up to safeguard wild fish stocks and the environment. SeaChoice, for example, gives a red or “avoid” ranking to net-pen-farmed salmon from B.C., but a “best choice” ranking to land-based farmed Atlantic salmon."
    also I found interesting while reading was one on land closed containment fish farm using high protein larva from composted waste food scraps as a source of fish feed, decreasing the need for herring, etc as a primary feed source.
  11. cuttlefish

    cuttlefish Well-Known Member

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  12. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that link. Fwiw, I fully support land based salmon farming and also believe it will be a large part of this industry in the future, as long as outside funding is available. I am also doing my part of supporting kuterra salmon by purchasing it. It's a great product, anyone else here tried it?
  13. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    I feel like if there is a serious chance of removing the farms this should be a huge push. I am not on social media but can you guys put a link on your social media to get all your friends to sign it?
  14. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    great idea wishiniwasfishin1 !!

    and great reading cuttlefish! thxs for that link!
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  15. Aridhol

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    It's pretty silly to compare 1:1 for an established industry v.s. a new solution. That's not even counting the fact that we shouldn't be destroying our natural ecology because it's cheaper...
  16. CVmike

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    Signed. Thank you for posting.
  17. rjs

    rjs Member

    signed ! get them out of the ocean
  18. BearCove

    BearCove Well-Known Member

    Signed it!

    Shocked that there is so few on here that have taken the time to sign this, takes seconds

    Our sector needs to take a stand against these feed lots and this is one way to show it.

    Repost this everywhere, all social media you are invoked in.
  19. cuttlefish

    cuttlefish Well-Known Member

  20. alex morton

    alex morton New Member

    I am really glad to see you guys are signing this petition! There are a lot developments that include new science that I think could go a long way to restoring wild salmon, in addition Canadians are investing in closed containment aquaculture, which is the way of the future. Even Norway gets this. Sadly the new Minister of Fisheries is starting to parrot the last one. This petition, may be our wild salmon's last chance at real recovery - sign, share, share share - thanks! https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-270

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