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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by tubbed out, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. claymcpher

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    Hey has anyone heard of the song 'salmon action' based on the stones satisfaction, only heard it once on twisted tunes CFMI radio and have been looking for it ever since any help would be wonderful
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    bump.. sorry guys, I couldnt let this one die just yet.

    Fill the dam tub!
  4. Pippen

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    Sittin' here nursing a bit of a hangover.....had to bump it again.

    Don't mock this one but saw these guys together last summer in Seattle. One heck of a concert. Two drummers, two horn sections playin' together and roughly 25 MUSICIANS on stage. My GF's fave band is EW&F....so be default everytime they play a concert within 3 hours drive of Vancouver we are there. [:I]

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    No way im not the only one who drinks a few to many beers and coems on here to read what othres have to say about fihsin.

    Im a big Tool fan, or the clasic oldies, Bob Segar or John Mellencamp
  11. dohboy

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    have we mentioned queensryche? and well dont get me started, i am up late with beer in hand and way too many tunes[:p][:p]

    and you could mellow out and pretend your on the east coast with
    Great big sea

    and then get sedated with the Ramones
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    My Shironna!
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    My Shirrona! Works almost everytime. If I play it enough it has to be on when I catch a fish, then it becomes my fish catching song! lol.
  17. Pippen

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    Ha ha.....I had demco99 fishing with me on Kyuquot this year. Like a true "young punk" he put on Miley Cyrus singing Party in the USA while we're 5 miles out....and shockingly enough the fish loved that song.....and this one.


    Sadly enough we were "Partying in the USA" and we were "Live is Life" far too often fishing our brains out.


    Have you hugged a Gorby today??? ;P
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