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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by tubbed out, Jan 23, 2010.

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    awww, are we done already? That was great guys, wish I had more to contribute.

    Fill the dam tub!
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    homes and pippen, we gotta get together for a serious party on the water! Cheers.

    Fill the dam tub!
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    Sounds awesome Lifter!! Holmesy can work the turn-tables and I'll 'spin' the riggers and arrage the hoooooochies!!
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    Nope!! I can do this all day! Holmes has me downloading tunes like it's going out of style now....so much music I had forgot about. I had to step away from the PC though as it WAS Friday and there was beer to be consumed. [:p]

    You make the date.....I'll make sure I am there. [8D]
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    Going a slightly different way with the genre....but one of my fave's for West Coaster. (even though I grew up in MB).

    Some buddies who have a great Celtic Rock kind of band and I still try and get together and do "The Crawl" as the song says. Arrive at the Troller in Horseshoe Bay "a little after five"....and hit all the stops along the North Shore eventually ending up at the Raven.


    Great Big Sea.........it IS where you go fishing. ;)






    So many good tunes....beer in hand....sun shining....feet up and watching the rods. I have a couple of buddies who hate it when I throw Great Big Sea on while we're fishing cuz I keep spoons in the tackle box and start playin' em'. [:p]
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    yea, a million times a million times..

    Fill the dam tub!
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    i wasnt looking back at every post to see if strangle hold was posted or not, you guys have to much stuff up[:p],
    suprised that is the only one i missed:D

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    Felt a pang late one afternoon
    I was fishin’ off muir beach
    With larry lalonde
    Grabbed a tuna salad sandwich
    And I started to chew
    Pretty soon ler’s yellin
    Fish on. fish on

    I was just a little pup
    And it was derby day
    Was dad and me and darrell
    Out in san pablo bay
    Taco flavored doritos
    And my orange life vest
    Dad caught a hundred pound sturgeon
    On twenty-pound test
    Now he fought that fish for an hour
    And a half
    Darrell’d say jump ya sons a bitch!
    And he grabbed for the gaff
    When we got him in the boat
    He measured six feet long
    I was so danged impressed I had
    To write a song called
    Fish on

    T’was a bright and sunny day
    It was me and todd huth
    Fishin’ shark & stingray
    Out of bohuas lagoon
    Well hey, hey, hey I’ll be screwed,
    Blued and tatooed
    Looks like I got me one of them fish on
    Fish on.



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