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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by tubbed out, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Kickin' it back....













    GREAT one hit wonder. ;)


    The lyrics in this song just make me laugh....


    I could put up so many more....and of all genres but a few artists that I have been listening to 'again' lately.

    Peter Gabriel
    Phil Collins
    Great Big Sea
    The Clash
    Keb Mo
    Spirit of the West
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Roger Whitaker (don't judge...have always liked him cuz my Dad used to listen to him when we were fishing)

    Ha ha....just looking through music on my computer....have a look at this clip if you have never seen The Dan Band before. I saw them in California last summer and up here last year. VERY funny show.

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    Whoops....screwed up the "Edit".
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    This has been a great post! I can sit at the computer for hours on end trying to find songs worthy of being played in the boat, Ive got 2 cd's made now since this post started. Thanks guys! Pippen, nice work..

    Fill the dam tub!
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  5. Island Fish Lifter

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    Dude, I couldnt have said it better! x2

    Fill the dam tub!
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    Lifter...et al,

    This has turned into a great thread although not everyone may have the same music tastes. I have been downloading a TON of tunes I forgot about. When you hear one song you forgot about....then about 6 more come to mind.

    This is my quintessential boating tune....one of my best buds who I fish with and have sailed/boated with for years used to play this song all the time when on the water. Coming back to Van in a SLOW cruise from an evening waterskiing in the summer on the backside of Gambier...beer in hand...sun setting over the mountains and just appreciating where the frick we live. [8D]


    Thank god nobody has thrown up a Rod Steward tune....especially that song "Forever Young"....I may have left the forum and joined a site on how to throw myself off a bridge..........and NOT live. [:p]
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    One.....great band. Another great song they have is "Wide Load" and lyrics are hilarious.

    "She's got more rolls than a bakery shop"..........."put her in the water and use her as a barge"

  14. Pippen

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    Ha ha....that makes 2 of us.

    With all these tunes we're throwin' out there for Lifter....I hope he catches a fish or two.
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    Good ones...

    I have been trying to find that some "Gimme No Crack" by Shinehead....but having nada in the luck department.
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    thanks again guys, almost done cd 3.

    Fill the dam tub!

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