Fallen trees sought to help restore salmon streams

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by agentaqua, Jan 28, 2020.

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    I wonder if this outfit has engaged the local SEP enhancement groups in the areas for support and advice ? Just putting LWD (large woody debris) in a stream can backfire. If not properly anchored and in some cases, cabled into the bank, the addition of LWD can cause bank erosion the further degrades stream channels. There is a long history in BC and Oregon of adding LWD, and a lot of lessons were learned as to what works, and what does not. ( by the way--- there is little issue of making sure proper permits are in place from Water Management Branch, DFO Habitat Branch, Regional Districts, and land owners ) Miss any of the applicable ones and you may end up in court. My comments should not be taken as a flat out rejection of this proven method of increasing habitat for fish. It will work if done properly.. but dont just think that all it takes is a chainsaw and a few trees.
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    as usual - your logic and common sense is very welcome,CL :)
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    Naw-- just comes under the heading of "BinDerDoneDat"
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    Bob Hooton has posted extensively about this. I dont no if you guys have read his blog but here is a good read.

    A Case For Protecting Habitat

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    Hopefully World Fisheries Trust is involved.
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    Central westcoast forest society is doing the aforementioned work.
    They definitely know what they are doing!
    Check out their site to see how they're helping to restore salmon habitat.
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    It's still treating the symptoms while ignoring the cause

    It's far easier to toss a few logs back in the river or stream then implement adequate setbacks near rivers and streams to protect the ecosystem.
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    I agree that protecting the ecosystem is the very best bet here.
    But this is still a good company doing positive work for salmon habitat restoration. I applaud their work and try to support them when I can.
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    I've been involved in habitat protection and restoration for 24 years this April and there is a saying in the protection/restoration community, "protect the best, restore the rest".
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