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    So let's hear it. What's your definition of etiquette in a fishery that's 1 square km in size with 50-150 boats all fishing different depths, speeds and directions? Keep in mind that this very much a bottom bouncing fishery to a lot of guys. I know what I do, I know what's "the right way" and the legal way but it'd be great to show how many opinions there are. I personally try and drag bottom as much as possible so I pick a depth like 80' and follow the contour, taking an occasional swing towards shore to bounce. So YES that means swinging wide when heading West at the point (pink building). When I'm heading East toward the marker I just assess who's where and turn right or left to avoid people as much as possible. Typically on that turn I'll raise or lower my gear to follow bottom at my new depth. I've tried keeping Right Rod To Shore and there is NO CHANCE that can happen there. What do you do?
  2. BCRingo

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    I simply avoid the Cap sh#t show as much as possible. I usually come out from under the bridge and if it’s too busy, I don’t drop lines until I’m past the pink building and then I circle between the fisheries and the pink building. Not worth the headache IMO even if there’s 10,000 fish stacked by the river mouth.
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    My etiquette for the cap is to keep ripping right past. If the seas are gross then I will boot down to the fisheries and troll back towards the cap as far outside of the pack as is reasonable. I know I am leaving lots of chances for fish on the table but I don't have to deal with the gong show. I'm thinking it is time to go after winters soon anyway. Take that cap!
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  4. adanac

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    amen , poo brown stinky whites are not worth the stress in a 33' grady
  5. fishin solo

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    there is no etiquette whatsoever at the Cap...... I don’t even bother with that fishery anymore. Too many idiots out there with no clue of their surroundings or what direction they are going.... sad but this includes more then half the guides fishing there as well.. there some of the worst offenders.
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  6. Rain City

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    You're absolutely right they are. Kind of goes to show it's a lost cause.
  7. daddystoy

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    Agree. There is no etiquette or COMMON sense at the Cap. I stopped fishing there myself a few years ago now.
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  8. Big Green Machine

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    The Cap salt fishery is akin to the Vedder river fishery. Get in, get your limit, and get out. It’s an experience, but not for those wanting a true angling experience. That said, I know some anglers who love the crowds, so whatcha gonna do?
  9. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    I’ve never fished there once in 45 years. Fishing shouldn’t be a stressful cluster f@ck. Nobody needs fish that bad. Too many people today with boats don’t know how to operate them. You’d be surprised how fast two boats doing 2.5 mph cover ground and can collide.
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  10. mikep

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    When I fished there....right hand to the shore has inside tack. Thats the rule just like eveywhere on the coast. Hold your tack follow that rule and people will move. Don't care if your a guide rules are rules.
  11. Rain City

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    I tried and tried and tried. I'm 32 LOA with a 12' beam and still get pushed around. Most of the times heading West you're splitting the D with guy's on either side of you.
  12. MadJigga

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    I’m surprised they don’t get the hell out of the way!
  13. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    They don’t even get out of the way for a cargo ship
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  14. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Brown prehistoric looking stinky whites are totally worth it.
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  15. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    “1 square km in sizewith 50-150 boats all fishing different depths”
    Wow, I’ll never again complain about Sooke being busy...
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  16. Rain City

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    There's nothing like it I'm sure. Someone needs to get some drone footage of it on a calm Saturday in September. I only fish it really late or on crappy weekdays.
  17. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    It’s definitely more enjoyable fishing alone! No time to drone while fishing the cap! Got a nice shot solo fishing North End of Trail Islands in the spring though! Headed for a couple tacks tomorrow afternoon in harbour.
    Will report back.

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  18. Rain City

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    I'm heading out too. Not sure where yet. Let me know if you get on em'
  19. Aquaholic

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    Fishing the Cap courtesy tips from Pacific Angler. Boat rotation along the shore is the last paragraph:

    There are a few messages I am going to pass on to the angling community. The first one is steer clear of incoming and outgoing commercial traffic like freighters, tankers, and cruise ships. When you see these vessels leaving the Narrows or coming towards the Narrows, you don’t want to be out in the shipping lane or even close to the Green Marker off the Cap Mouth. Keep your eyes open and troll west up towards the yellow QD marker well in advance of these vessels entering the area. If we don’t do this, the Port Authority will have the evidence they need to shut this area down due to safety concerns. They have cameras on the bridge and they are observing our movements. The key wording here is well in advance. This has been the Port Authority’s main request. They don’t want us waiting until the last minute to head west and then camping out at the Green Marker. Rather they would like to see the fleet of boats migrate west towards the yellow QD Marker well in advance of having larger commercial vessels in the area, then we can head back towards the Green Marker once they have left the area.

    The second thing is the Green Marker off the Cap Mouth. It is closed past this marker. This is a DFO area closure, so if you are trolling east of that, you are trolling in closed waters. It is also a fairly tight area from the Green Marker off the Cap Mouth to the opposite shoreline. So if you are out in the middle or offshore a bit, trolling past the Green Marker, you are smack dab in the middle of the shipping lane. This has been observed on numerous occasions by the Port Authority already this season, and sometimes there are boats in this area even when there are ships approaching the Lions Gate Bridge. This is exactly the evidence they need to shut this whole area down. So don’t be that guy or gal!

    The last thing I am going to talk about is boat rotation. The accepted practice for this location utilizes the same rule that most anglers follow up and down the coast. It is called “right rod to the rocks.” This means that if two boats meet along the coast, generally off a piece of structure like a rock wall, ledge, or kelp bed, the boat with his right rods to the rocks will hold position along the structure and the other boat will move out into deeper water to give way. In doing so a spot will get a rotation so everyone has equal time along the “hot spot.” The Cap Mouth is no different. Troll east on the outside of the pack. As you get close to the Green Marker, prepare to turn to your port side heading towards shore. Time your turn so when it is completed and your bow is now facing west, that you are not past the Green Marker. Now you will be in line with the other boats to come up along the ledge from the Green Marker up towards Ambleside, likely in 90-100 feet of water. Once you have trolled sufficiently west, you can again turn to your port side, out into deeper water, and troll east back towards the Green Marker, making your turn again to port so you don’t go past the Green Marker. So in short, don’t try and troll east and take the inside, coming down into the pack of boats, you will likely get an ear full! It is critical when you are trolling east, on the outside of the pack, that you keep an eye out for commercial vessels. Don’t go out into that area when they around. You need to time you turn and when you can be out there as you are temporarily in the shipping lane. Keep trolling west when the commercial vessels are around, once they pass, you can turn out, come back down towards the Green Marker, make you turn to the inside and repeat. If we all follow these practices this fun and productive, urban fishery will be around for years. If we don’t we are going to lose it.

    If all this is too much for you, I will keep it simple, go to the South Arm. There are lots of white chinook around there, headed for the Chilliwack and the Harrison rivers. There are some hatchery coho showing up as well.
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  20. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Like I said, most guys know what SHOULD be happening but it just doesn't work out that way. I really like Jason and the boys but they're still some of the worst offenders out there. I don't blame them as it turns into a free-for-all pretty quick. The more courteous thing to do, no matter what, is just smile, wave and give a bit of room. Just a bit.
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