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    The Esquimalt Anglers' Association Board of Directors has cancelled their salmon fishing derby tentatively scheduled for August 25, 2019. This decision was not made lightly, but we feel it is justified based on the following reasons:

    - The uncertainty of salmon fishing regulations with respect to chinook, in particular. The chinook non-retention restrictions until July 31 imposed by the Minister of Fisheries & Oceans were totally unjustified. Given the usual lack of notice by DFO, there was even some doubt as to what rules the public fishery would be operating under after July 31.

    - These punitive regulations have resulted in the cancellation of numerous fishing derbies coastwide. We are doing our part toward chinook conservation by cancelling the EAA derby. This will be the third time in recent years that the derby has been cancelled, in part, due to conservation concerns (ie. 2008 and 2016).

    - Businesses that cater to the public fishery have suffered substantial decreases this year and are therefore not in a position to donate prizes as they have in the past.

    - The completion of nine (9) new wharves this year at our ramp has left the Association in a poor financial position after covering the total cost of the $220,000 project.

    Esquimalt Anglers' Association,
    Board of Directors,
    August 06, 2019

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