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Discussion in '2014 SFBC Derby' started by Fish Assassin, May 19, 2014.

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    To enter your catch please email me at sfbcderby2014@gmail.com with......

    Weight: Quarter Pound Increments
    Date Caught:
    User name:

    Possible Derby Winner:

    Possible derby winners (Large Fish) will have to verified and weighed in at a lodge, marina, fishing store or another derby the same day as being caught and be documented by the lodge, marina, store or derby hosts in writing as well as photos. It will be up to entrant to obtain verification. Do what you think would be appropriate to verify your catch. Your buddy won't be excepted as your verifier. If it's a fish of a life time or derby winner I know you'll find a way to get it verified.

    Hidden Weight Entry's:

    Other entries will be verified by single photo and your word for it. These fish are entered for hidden weight prizes, so the entry of these fish is much easier.

    As of June 1st you will know what the top three fish are. Unless you have a fish bigger then those three fish you don't need to get your fish verified, but your fish will still be eligible for hidden weight prizes.
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    Please include the date it was caught...... Many fish being entered without dates of catch.

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