Eagan lake

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  1. Deep

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    Any one know if a depth map exists for Eagan lake?? I can not seem to find one.
  2. Johnny2

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    Deep... Anglers Atlas & Govt. of BC don't seem to have a bathymetric map available. Seems like a big a body of water to not ever had a survey done ?
    A lot of smaller bodies in the Cariboo region are available. Good luck I'd be curious also.
  3. Damien

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    Interesting. I just looked on the Navionics Webapp. Its not there either. A lot of nearby lakes big and smaller like Bonapart, Machette, Scott, Hammer, Caverhill, Sharpe etc all show on Navionics.

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    Not a map but a little info-

    Eagan Lake
    British Columbia [​IMG]

    Location: At 93 Mile, turn east off of Hwy 97 onto Hwy 24. Follow Hwy 24 to the Bridge Lake Store. Turn right (south) onto a gravel road, staying on the left branch of the fork in the road. Follow this road to Eagan. Watch for signs. There are two public accesses to the lake.


    Size 410.7 ha. (1014 ac.) Shoal Data Not Available
    Mean Depth Data not Available Max. Depth 25 m. (82 ft.)
    Game Fish Rainbow Trout Fish Stocked None
    Angler Usage Moderate to High Elevation 1049 m. (3441 ft.)
    Ice Over November to May T.D.S. 64 mg/L
    Resorts & Campsites: There is a resort located on the southwestern end of the lake. The resort has cabins, RV spots and boat rentals.
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    Brother took his wife and kids up there in the summer. He said it was real fishy and he's got no idea what he's doing so must be decent!

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