Dustless Sandblasting of Canada


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Who We Are


We provide onsite and mobile sandblasting

We provide standard and wet (Dustless Sandblasting)

We use recycled glass SILICA free (no harm to people, animals or environment) and soda.

Recycled glass leaves a surface profile similar to shark skin or 400 grit sandpaper. This is great for repainting.

Soda is used to remove material from a delicate surface without leaving a profile behind. This uses much more media and uses much more expensive soda.

We specialize in marine vessels

Remove old paint

Remove antifoul

Remove gelcoat

Remove barrier coat

Trucks & Cars

Remove paint

Remove bondo

Remove undercoat

Commercial and Residential

Remove paint

Remove rust

Remove coatings on any surface including brick, rocks, steel etc

Fire restoration

Surface grinding (anti slip)

Concrete flooring rejuvenation

Floor Restoration

Shot blasting services for large floor areas like driveways, garages, hangars etc)

We do jobs big and small.

Panels, light poles, tables, outboard etc


SFBC Members, their friends and family 10%

SFBC Crew, their friends and family 15%

In order to receive the discount, members must contact Matthew (Project Manager) at 250 580 8575.

Service Area

Vancouver Island

The Lower Mainland

Areas outside of urban areas (Port Hardy, West Coast VI etc) are subject to additional costs


Just like snowflakes, no two jobs are alike. Estimates given and prices paid reflect the totality of the work required and provided. Circumstances that could change the price and is out of our control can include rust, unforeseen damage, brittle material or unforeseen layers of paint or an unknown substance. A test patch is provided to ensure continuation of work.


Matthew St Arnaud
Project Manager - Dustless Canada
T: 250 580 8575
E: matthew@dustlesscanada.com



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Matthew S.

Thank you for posting this @Admin. This is just another tool in the tool box for boat owners and members of this forum. Sandblasting is a fast and effective way to get desired results. Just a reminder, members who want work done and want to take advantage of discounts, offers and promotions need to contact me via contact info below and or through this forum. Remember to include pictures, dimensions and desired results for fast and accurate estimates.

Thank you for the opportunity in adding this service to the forum and hope it adds value to members and their families and friends. I hope to meet some of you in the near future.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to write in this thread.

Matthew S.
Project Manager - Dustless Canada
T: 250 580 8575
E: matthew@dustlesscanada.com
W: www.dustlesssandblastingcanada.com