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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Steve95, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Steve95

    Steve95 Member

    After starting trolling this year, I really hate having all the extra drag on the line when playing fish, I also find the acrobatics of the fish way better with no flasher. So I have been trying to use dummy setups off the ball instead but I get a crazy amount of tangles where the line from the flasher wraps around the tuna cord and my line. I started off with about 5-6ft of heavy mono and then tried shortening to about 4ft but still seem to get lots of tangles so can they be a lot shorter? I am using an assortment of flashers, usually 11" and have also tried some shorter ones, and they seem to have quite a lot of rotation so, is there a different style of flasher that is supposed to be used ? I have tried just not using the flasher but I get way less hits without the flasher somewhere in the mix. I look around at other boats and most seem to run the flasher off the rod but I read comments about dummy flashers instead and it is nice not to have all that drag on the line. Also, how high above the flasher should my release clip be placed ? The rigs I bought are pre-crimped to the tuna cord but I can tie them up and clip a release on at a different height instead.
  2. Che

    Che Active Member

    They're tangling because you need to put your mainline clip higher up the downrigger line. Put the ball in the water, send it down five feet and you'll see what a big circle the flasher is making. You need your mainline out of that arc. Speed, current and turns can change all that, but 5' usally enough space to avoid tangles. YMMV
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  3. goitzy

    goitzy Member

    I usually use a KoneZone daisy chain or similar system and run my mainline 3 to 4 feet above it. Had great success with it so i have never tried just using a regular flasher.
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  4. kevind

    kevind Active Member

    if your dummy flasher is 4 ft from your cable i would put your line at least 4 feet up above the flasher but im sure there are more people with better experience than me on the subject.
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  5. nicnat

    nicnat Active Member

    you need a couple of very good swivels on your dummy with that heavy leader, at least one good bead chain and one good sampo swivel. you should be able to run just up off the ball with that set up with no tangles. as mentioned above your clip to your fishing line needs to be at least the length of your dummy leader above it.
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  6. Steve95

    Steve95 Member

    Ok thanks, that gives me a few things to try. I never thought about better swivels but yes they seem like they bind and the line gets badly twisted up.
  7. Go.Fish

    Go.Fish Active Member

    Other things to keep in mind is if you are going really slow (less than 2 knots) while getting your gear down and also if you like to drop your gear really fast that can also cause this issue.
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  8. Tugcapitan

    Tugcapitan Crew Member

    My thought too, perhaps you’re dropping the ball down a bit too fast if the dummy is getting tangled in your line. You can control the desent with the brake or with your thumb on the spool for the tangles, and like was mentioned the swivels to prevent the line twisting.
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  9. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    First off you should use an inline flasher-no whip like a regular 11 inch flasher. Next make sure the flasher cannot reach the kicker-no matter what!! Put your release clip at least the length of your dummy above it. Let your gear down slowly. CR is tough with the currents so make sure the lengths are sufficient so nothing can touch-no matter what!
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  10. Steve95

    Steve95 Member

    I don't have an issue with it geting into the kicker but after checking my gear, my release is obviously not high enough above the flasher and I think I am probably letting it down too fast. Will try a couple of changes next time and look at getting a couple of those inline flashers with no whip. Thanks for all the help.
  11. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    If your dummy flasher has s 5 ft leash your release clip has to be a least 5 ft higher
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  12. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

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  13. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    or common sense.. lol
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  14. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    IT'S not that common!! LOL
  15. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    Caught some winter springs today using dummy flashers. What a difference getting the flasher off the line makes! Even the fight of a winter fish is so much better. I can’t wait for the big summer fish. No more in line flashers for me.
  16. paguy

    paguy Well-Known Member

    There is a reason most the people you see are using inline flashers, They work. Not saying dummy flashers don't, But sometimes even with a long leader that rotation of the inline flasher puts a little extra movement on your spoon or bait. I wouldn't even fish a hootchie with out the inline flasher. Just one mans observation.
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  17. paguy

    paguy Well-Known Member

    If you want to run a dummy flasher setup, I would use the triangular spinner type of flasher directly of the ball, No line just a snap directly off the ball seems to work pretty good.
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  18. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    I agree with you about hoochies. They need the flasher inline to have action. So I’ll use inline flashers if I fish them.

    I wonder if using inline flashers is really consistently and significantly more productive than using dummy flashers? Based on what I’ve read on this forum, guys say dummy flashers are only slightly less productive than inline. But they also say the trade off in terms of a better and more sporting fight is worth it. I think I’m in that camp.

    I suspect there’s only anecdotal evidence about the relative effectiveness of the two methods.
  19. paguy

    paguy Well-Known Member

    I have played with both, side by side several times, And the inline flasher has consistently out fished the dummy flasher side. Again, Just one mans observations.
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  20. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I think it's one of those things that most guys will fish the inline during the winter months to get whatever small fraction of an advantage they can but come summer when you're all over them you might as well go for the better fight. Plus I've heard that the big fish are more gear shy so if you're targeting a trophy fish the dummy setup with a giant herring or spoon can refine what you're targeting. Just what I've heard, please don't shit on me.

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