Drone captures capsizing boat

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Sir Reel, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Was that boat overloaded? Seemed to be low in the water. Maybe just the design. It sure happened quickly. I've been in a few situations that were similar. Makes me think what might have happened,
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  4. agentaqua

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    Too easy for me to be sitting on the shore throwing rocks at the poor sole - but...

    It looked like there was limited freeboard - and that wave that came from behind - (at a speed faster than he was going) looked like it drove his bow down into the next wave.

    In the hindsight available to us safe in internet-land - I would recommend matching the waves speed and keeping the bow up on a rising wave (maybe tilt the engine so the bow rides up higher) - until safe and clear and in the harbour. Doesn't look like he was wearing his pfd, neither.

    Lucky guy - if that had of happened kms from the nearest beach - it might of had a very different ending.
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  5. Sir Reel

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    I think there are lots of things to say about this. Going too fast, boat overloaded, should not be out on those conditions, etc. Judging by some of the comments on Facebook he should be coming in at an angle. However the main reason I posted this here is to show how fast that was over. 5 seconds from planning happily along to swimming in the water. No time to get a life jacket on and if you stored them under the console or under a seat your totally out of luck.
  6. Wild Bill

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    Hull must have been full of water because the boxes on deck seem to be floating pretty high and nothing else visible.
  7. bigdogeh

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    Open bow, shallow freeboard and large following wave, not the best combination apparently...
    Eye opening for sure,
  8. Fins -n- Skins

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    Staged.. Just happened to have a drone there ??? Lots of that these days. Crap boat and collect some insurance money ? Goes viral on Youtube and collect some more cash.
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    AFAIK the guy is a commercial fisherman and was loaded with fish and out of throttle. I believe that's Jupiter inlet in Florida, where you'd probably have drones flying more often than not.

    Boat is a Stapleton inboard. Pretty heavy to begin with and not a ton of freeboard even empty.

    They love their CCs down there. I'm sure they have their advantages but a closed bow could have been the difference between a shake up and a total loss here.
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    One would think the operator is an experienced boat handler if he's a commercial fisherman, so this should be a cautionary tale. He was in his home waters so the fact this happened so quickly says a lot about the seriousness of the event. Wind and tide running opposite to each other, boat appeared to be trimmed bow down which I was taught was a no-no for a following sea. Perhaps as some have said there were issues with load distribution and/or hull design. Whatever the circumstances... the speed at which the event happened. Wow! just zero time to prepare. Shows we all need to be careful all the time, even in waters we know well there can be a combination of circumstances that can bring it all undone in seconds. You can't put this one down to an inexperienced boater "with all the gear but no idea".
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    In an instant no time to do anything , makes you think be extra prepared on bad weather days .. hard to explain that situation nothing
    like a video, i cant believe how fast he went down.... eye opener for sure. nice find Thanks!

    The 2 things i do on days the weather looks unstable
    *cell phone in pocket to dial coast guard *16
    *handheld in pocket
    *Orange emergency sealed box on top deck all the time.

    Sorry for the derail ..
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  13. bigdogeh

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    As has been mentioned previously, but can't be overstated enough... always wear your life jacket.

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