Draft Integrated Strategic Plan for Southern BC Chinook Salmon

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    I am not sure if this has been shared yet but its certainly been hinted at. Here is a Draft I found, I tried to upload it but it was to big!

    The Plan: http://frafs.ca/sites/default/files... DRAFT for dist Sept 21_v2 (updated List).pdf


    This is the “final” draft from the 2015/2016 phase of work on the Chinook Strategic Planning Initiative.
    Although it has received substantial input from the Steering and Planning Committee (SPC) and the Technical Working Group (TWG), it is still a DRAFT. Additional review will still be required, especially within the broader communities represented by members of the SPC. Additional work is also required in some places.
    Many of the key places where additional work is required are identified directly in this document. However, the vast majority of outstanding comments and questions that require further discussion and/or further work have been removed from this document and placed in the accompanying “Questions and Considerations” document. This companion document also indicates how/where substantive changes were (or were not) made based on the feedback received from the SPC and TWG.
    Given that this document is a working draft, it will receive more thorough copy editing in future stages as it approaches its final state."

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